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His Life Is Going Pretty Okay Now: Confrontation 2 · 12:51am Jul 18th, 2020

”Pentagon, stay calm and collected, and tell Oculus everything you need or want him to hear.”

“Well.... eheheh... I, um... kind of... I kind of like you, Oculus...”

*quirks a brow*

”It’s, uh... complicated... and I know I shouldn’t have done everything I did just to be close to you, but... but I love you, Oculus... a-and... and now that you’ve already got a girlfriend, you’ll never feel the same way...”

”No. And it’s not just because I have a girlfriend. It’s because you’re fucking insane, Pentagon. And you were a great friend, but... but I don’t like what you’ve become.”

*his ears wilt*

”I will never, never like you. And ever since you came back into my life, I don’t think I ever will.

*he begins to tear up, then choke back sobs*

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”Hmph. Well, I’m not gonna lie to him.”

Way to go, buddy.

And no, that was not sarcasm.

Oculus! I told you to hear him out and stay silent!

”You didn’t tell me to lie to him.”

“W-Well... y-you got... you got what you wanted...”

Oculus...alright, a deal's...a deal...

*sobbing quietly*

”Oculus, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

”When the fuck did you get here—?”

What was he supposed to say to a guy who ruined his life and tried to drive him to suicide?

”I don’t know, something along the lines of not that?!

Oculus, you need to think before you speak. I know you're mad but that was crossing a line

Me?! Everything he did was crossing a line!”

I know it was, but that doesn't mean that you can't overstep a line too

*sigh* “Whatever...”

”You... you’re sleeping outside.”


I don't blame her. But I'll give you a blanket and pillow.

Come on, guys! Doesn’t he have a right to be pissed?

Yes, but when Pentagon was given a chance to confess the reasons behind his actions, Oculus overstepped a boundary with how he chose to respond.


”And you’re supposed to back me up! What happened to you threatening Pentagon all those times before?!”

It’s better than brushing it off and saying that everything is alright? Why? Because it’s not alright!

Just what if I did what Oculus kept telling me to do? What if I hadn’t done anything about this? What if I hadn’t told the guards? What if I hadn’t gotten Pentagon arrested? What if...

...What if Oculus had made his decision before I could help him?

I am backing you up! I'm also entitled to my own opinion! Are you saying the same to Ocellus?! What about Bez?! If it were her telling you this instead of me, would you be screaming at her?!

I would never want that to happen. I don't regret that you did those things or that I did some of the same. But I'm allowed to have a heart.

”Hey... hey, it’s alright. I’m not going anywhere.”

Would she have ruined my life?!

*taking deep breaths*


...Look, I don't...I don't want us to fight. Any of us. Not over this...we're friends, we shouldn't be saying these things...

”I... whatever... i-if you wanna side with the asshole, I guess I’ll be leaving.” *walks off*

I don't want to side with him! Oculus, I'm just trying to be a mediator, please, wait!

(Oculus keeps walking...)


(He stops, then groans...)

Oculus, I'm only trying to help...I know I took his side for a minute, but I never wanted to stop defending you...

”Defending him from what? Being a jerky douchebag?”

”Don’t you dare fucking call me that...”

Defending him from Pentagon...Ocellus, you need to calm down, please...Oculus, she's not completely wrong...


”Not wrong my ass.

(Oculus becomes seething with anger, then uses his hoof to aggressively lift Ocellus’ chin...)

”Listen here you little—”

Oculus, stop, please. You don't want to hurt her, you're just mad, please, calm down. Take a few deep breaths...

(Oculus looks deeper into her eyes, and Ocellus’ breath becomes shaky with fear...)

*growls* “Fine.” *lets her go*

Thank you. Oculus, I know you're mad, but you need to take a few deep breaths and try to clear your mind, alright?

”What... ever...”

Please...take a few breaths...I need to know you're calm before I keep talking...

”He’s... he’s not...”

”S-Shut up! I’m fine, just... just keep going...”

Okay...Oculus, I know you're mad. I am too. At Pentagon, and myself, and so many other things...but I'm not heartless, and I know you aren't either. He did so many awful things to you, I won't ever deny that. Some creatures deserve to be locked up for their crimes, for crimes similar to his.

”Yet he only gets six months of jail time.”

I know. And maybe...maybe that's a sign...I've never believed in anything other than Celestia and Luna as being the highest beings. But maybe this is a sign from someone higher. Telling us it's time that amends were made...


”Oculus... you’re being stubborn. More stubborn than you were before... I-It makes me miss the old Oculus...”

”Well, the old Oculus isn’t here, so suck it up!

Oculus...sometimes, in fights...it's best if both sides lay down their weapons...they say "I choose to remember the good" and "I don't want to fight you, brother" they tell each other...that they're sorry...Pentagon has at long last lain his weapons down...and now you've picked yours up...tell me...would you lay them down now? To have a chance to start over again?

Like they say...forgive, but never forget. Remember what happened so if there's a next time, you'll be ready. But in the meantime, forgive past mistakes on both sides. And move on.

”...Fine. Chrysalis Damn it, fine. I’ll... I’ll talk to him. But if he says one thing out of whack...”

You forgive him, but don't forget how that word stings you. You can't get mad at every little thing, Oculus. If you did, you'd never have any friends.

“I never wanted friends...”

“So... so you never wanted me as a friend...?”

“It’s not even that. I just don’t like you. At all.

Oculus, please...I said talk to him, not snap at him...and if you never wanted friends, then why are we even here with you?

”I don’t know, why are you?

”Oculus, please...”

”Last time I checked, I was crippled and in the fucking hospital while this lunatic sat back and watched! It’s only because he got caught that he wants to act all innocent.”

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