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    Hey Nerds

    Y'all know that I've been making progress with revising my stories for print. Well, I only have one story left to work on for the first collection to be ready in terms of "Wow all these stories look nicer now" but I also did another cool thing.

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    Audience Demographics

    Because I have over 800 followers and no idea if I have a consistent demographic beyond my readers being mostly American. Enjoy some straw polls.

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    Revised for Print: LoveLess

    Another story revised for print! This one was always one of the most important to me. Unfortunately, it never got a lot of attention. For a story related to LGBT topics, it is still alienating even within that niche. Of my many one-shots, this is still probably one of my favorites. I wanted to show off the leap in quality. The original story was scribbled down in a notebook at some point in early

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    Revised for Print: So Maybe

    So, if anyone actively reads my stories, they might have noticed something new. In the author's notes of forty of my stories, I've added something: the date that they were revised for print. Minus a few very recent stories, there is a huge bump in quality from the previous editions. Most of my stories that will be ready for the first book I have I have in mind are from 2017. That's a huge leap in

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    It lives!

    TEnemy of Mine
    A few years after Luna's return it seems that Equestria will finally know an era of peace and appears to be on the verge of a new renaissance. Ponies are happy. Luna is recovering. Celestia is miserable.
    Ice Star · 265k words  ·  77  9 · 2.9k views

    I'm partway into the next update too! See the author's note on the most recent chapter for more!

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Regarding Bibliography (Or Something Similar) · 6:29pm July 17th

Hi guys! I had a question for some of y'all. I've been teasing that true crime-y/NSFW gore story project for a while. It's currently 7/11 chapters into it's first act. I have the eighth on the backburner while I work on Enemy of Mine first, of course. I don't normally do research on stories or for their content beyond "How can I make a pun out of this?" and "How does this thing work?" because I generally do not need to. Fantasy story research doesn't generally fall in the realm of 'research' so much as 'indulging in weird interests and random factoids excessively to make that story hella good' (or, that's always how it's been for me).

But Stay Golden is a different breed of horse novella (novel?) because it's fantasy true crime mostly from the point of view of the serial killer and that is a weird genre mashup to have. That means I draw a lot of inspiration or lift a lot of basic concepts by reflecting on the real-life counterparts of some things (lawyers but horses, New York City but horses, criminal justice systems but horses, Victorian snack foods but horses, how dead bodies work but horses, and newspapers but horses). This also means reading a lot of books. Though, I normally do that anyway. While I've been going through some of my books and editing here and there, I was wondering if anyone would want to know some of what I was reading. Would readers want me to stick a bibliography (of sorts) throughout the author's notes? Obviously it wouldn't be anything super academic, just a list of titles/authors/etc I read and what they are and their significance.

I made a quick poll if you would like to answer.

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Comments ( 4 )

Hm... generally putting a bibliography at the end is best, but if you want to space out publishing your chapters (and this is usually a good idea, both for best exposure and to not overwhelm casual readers) providing a reference in the appropriate chapter seems best. So long as it's not too many at once, an author's note at the end seems the best vehicle.

Thanks for going the extra mile to give more feedback. I'm not too worried about getting exposure for this project due to its content, it's more just morbid indulgence, but I would like to have a bit of a buffer.

Lawyers... but horses? :O

Horse law! Dun dun!

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