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Try to Imagine Something That Doesn't Exist · 1:38pm Jul 17th, 2020

Something you've never seen. . . .

Okay, David Cage meme aside, this is something I've always wanted to do -- write something that hadn't existed before, even in concept. And in truth, I may have done something of that description before, back in 2016, but I just kept trying to think of something so crazy, so out there, that nobody's tackled something like it.

Yet the more I thought this way, it seemed, the more likely I kept finding stories using precisely what I had conjured independently. Then a thought crossed me -- what if there existed an idea that seemed so obvious that nobody's written it before, simply because it was so obvious? (At least, that was the best way I knew to describe it.)

Once I had such an idea, I flipped through some fanfiction archives -- seeking that thing -- only to come up emptyhanded. This must be it! I thought. Why, it's so obvious, yet nobody's done it before! Why not? I ought to remedy this.

So I sat down and wrote precisely that.

And truth be told, some of the materials I needed were nearly impossible to find -- for as obvious as it was, it was also a fair bit esoteric. And I met the necessary prereader merely by chance offsite. But in the end, to my surprise and relief, everything in the story fell neatly into place.

This story I'm speaking of will be published next week on the 24th, with chapter updates (see, I haven't forgotten about that function!) every Friday thereafter. Why that specific date? You'll see eventually.

Good night, and good luck.

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