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On Hiatus · 2:15am Jul 17th, 2020

Hey folks,
As I'm sure will come no surprise to most of you who have been waiting, "A Tempest Tossed" is on hiatus. That doesn't mean cancellation, I am going to do my best to finish it, but for right now I have nothing to draw from, and my life has gone so upside down and busy that I wouldn't have the peace of mind needed to create a new chapter regardless of how much I would want to do so.

I hope to get back to it once things calm down, but I'm also tired of keeping my readers in the dark in the hopes a new chapter might appear. So yeah, it's on hiatus, NOT CANCELLED. I know that doesn't seem like much of a difference in the short term, but it is still a difference, and I will do my best to get back to work as soon as it's feasible.

All of my love, as always.


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I wish you the best of luck and hope, you'll get back up again soon! Although you'll probably end up telling me I shouldn't: I'm sorry that I can't help you.

I appreciate it so much, Mermerus. I feel like I've let people down, but there's just no flame of inspiration, and I'd rather wait for that spark to reignite than toss something together and call it "done" or "good enough." People seem to like my stories, and I always put my heart in it. I think you'd be able to tell if I didn't.

Creativity and inspiration need fertile ground. You're in a tight spot. From my own experience, that's the worst that can happen to any creative spark. I hope you'll push through this successfully and unscathed. Good luck! We'll be waiting, patiently. :twilightsmile:

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