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Ruining His Life 101: Eggshells · 1:26am Jul 16th, 2020

”And you’re not letting him get to you, are you...?”

”No. Never.”

”Well... good luck with your job interview. S-Stay safe...”


*stumbles in the hotel room and falls on the floor* “I-I don’t think I like this drink... I-It’s bitter... and... and it gives me a headache.”

”Oh, not again... a-are you alright? H-How’d the interview go...?”

”N-Not... Bleh... not good, because of my... my reputation, so... so I went to the bar, and... and...”

”...And now you’re drunk. No wonder you took so long.”

”No, I had to hide... someone was chasing me, and I kept stumbling.”

“Wait... Wait, who was chasing you...?”

”Some red dude. I dunno, we were playing hide and seek. With knives.”

”Wait— Wait, Wha..?”

”And my stomach’s really achy, and it stings, and itches, and...”

”O-Oculus, you’re bleeding! A-And... and Pentagon... h-he cut you... w-why would he...”

”It hurts...”

”H-Hold on, I have some bandages... s-somewhere...”

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Oculus! Oh no...what did Pentagon do now?!

Poor oculus! Hope he's okay! :(

“This... is enough.”

Damn... I think he’s crossed the line...

”H-He... He gashed him across the stomach...”

“I’m.. concerned as to why Oc hasn’t done anything about him already...”

Alright, last straw. I'm healing him. This has gone far enough.

“Because... because it’ll... it’ll just get worse...”

“He really has...”

“How do you know?”

“Thank you... I don’t want him to keep bleeding.”

”He’s... he’s one powerful ass kid... h-he can do anything if he wants to, it’s just that... it’s just that none of you... know it...”

Okay. *Holds out wing and begins murmuring under her breath. Purple light wraps around his injury as the wound slowly seals up until a thin scar remains.* Keep the bandages on him, he might tear it open again if he moves too vigorously. *takes few steadying breaths* Heh, used up a lot of my energy. Completely worth it though.

“He’s nothing when compared to you and I, dude.”

”T-Thank you...”

”I really wish I could believe you right now, I do... b-but even he has the power to tear our friendship apart, I still don’t want that to happen...”

No problem. I did say I wouldn't take any ifs ands or buts if he did something like this again. I still think we should deal with him though

Maybe you should place him in witness protection or something

“How can he even tear our friendship apart? It’s impossible!”

“...No... no, we shouldn’t...”

“That’s... a good idea.”

”I... guess...”

Oculus...we need to do something...he's hurting you...and not just physically, emotionally too

*Hands her a sheet with the Fang Gang insignia* Here. If it gets worse, we’ll take care of him until this whole thing dies down.

“Look, I’m going to do something about this. Whether you like it or not.”

”Well... well I don’t want any help... I-I’d really appreciate it if no one got involved...”

”No! No, I don’t want anyone to do anything! Please, for the love of Thorax, don’t do anything...”

I know you'd appreciate it but sometimes doing what's right means doing what you don't want us to do. (Okay wow I sound just like my mom and dad)


“Because, I just don’t want anyone to get involved!!!”

”H-Hey... C-Calm down...”

Alright Oculus. It's okay, calm down. I won't do anything without your permission, I'm just saying that I'm willing to. But it's like the healing thing. I will do something if this doesn't stop.


*sigh* “Thank you... and Bez, I’m sorry, I just don’t want to end up losing you to him...”

It's not a problem. You're my friend. I don't want to hurt you by doing something you don't want me to. Not unless it really seems like there's no other way

“Well, that will never happen.

Welp, shit has gone further beyond than what should even be possible. In line with everything thats going on, I'm gonna put 2 of my friends to protect you whilst me and the other two hunt him down. Now, Ocellus, which 2 species would you and Oculus prefer to be around most of the time: Dragon, Changeling, Griffion, or Unicorn?


“Thanks, I guess...”

“I-I guess so...”

It's not a problem. You're my friend.

Well, thats one, and Riven is an excellent mage but she can't do everything alone. Because you didn't make a second choice, I'm gonna send the unicorn also since she and Riven seem to get along together, unless you wish for a different one?

“Oh. Well, Riven sounds like a favorable choice for—“

”No! Stop it! We don’t need... we don’t need that. I don’t want anyone’s help...”

Oc, don't take this personally or the wrong way, but I'm gonna have to stop you there. You don't seem to be in the right head space to be making choices like this. You were saying Ocellus?

”Well I—“

”No. Don’t tell them anything else, Celly.”

*Teleport sound* Hey Toast, you called?

Hold it for a moment, Riv can you slap him with a sleep spell real quick?

Sure. *proceeds to do so* So whats this about somling needing help?

Getting there, now. As you were Ocellus.

”...Well, um...”

“Guys, this isn’t how we should do it...”



“She’s... she’s right...”

Although reluctantly, I agree. Toast, you are being a bit pushy on this whole ordeal.


And I don't blame you for it either. Please accept my apologies for this, he gets this way when someone he cares about, either as friend or family, is in trouble or hurt. I remember how he got when I lost a wing and became grounded.

“I-It’s no problem, really...“

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