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FIMFic's Mods Suck · 11:18pm Jul 15th, 2020

They really do.

I know hate speech isn't cool and some people find jokes tasteless, but what possible reason could they have for deleting TittySparkles' blog other than just overbearing restriction of free speech to please the snowflakes on the left? I mean, if there had been something really egregious in that blog--I don't know, like (just making up a ridiculous example here) a GIF that featured a pony explicitly styled as a Nazi mashing a button connected to what is clearly a gas chamber with another pony in it--maybe that would be justified, but since TS would obviously never do such an absurdly offensive and fascism-enabling thing, this whole situation just sucks for everybody.

Now, with these authoritarian mods around, we can't even have a good-faith debate about whether a community should allow Nazi iconography to be spread around freely without any regard for historical context or who in the community might feel threatened by the overtly racist and violent rhetoric it condones... as a joke. And sometimes not as a joke. But mostly as a joke. Probably. Unless you're cool if it's not.

I swear, 2020 gets worse and worse every day.


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I know mang, what a world where a blog that obviously didn't have offensive images or messages was deleted. /s

You have clout, kick them out and take over.

Comment posted by LtMajorDude deleted Jul 16th, 2020

Just wanted to make it clear, this blog and my previous comment are sarcastic. TittySparkles' blog really was caustically offensive and really did have an image of Aryanne gassing a pony, and was deleted for a valid reason.

Comment posted by LtMajorDude deleted Jul 16th, 2020

Thank you for the clarification. It's gotten to the point where I really couldn't tell if this was being sarcastic or not.

Eh, I am not even sure what is going on. I have been ignoring everything that is going on. Doing what this site is meant for writing. Also getting to know folks but if things are offensive then it should be removed. But if it's just a simple blog post then it shouldn't. It seems people need to relax a moment and just see what is going on then act before they go insane. At least my point of view.

People who don't want anything to do with Nazis are the real Nazis⸮

Thanks for the quick addition at the end, was confused for a second.

Nothing more sad than creators with censor fragility.

I wonder how much we will have to wait to see these complaints revealed as projection.

Thank you, I had no idea what this blog was about but yikes.

I'm lost and confused.


Was it the image on Derpibooru with ID 2398859? Obviously not linking it here because, like... Jesus Christ.

Oh wow, crazy that that GIF actually exists! What a wild coincidence.

(Yes, that was the one.)

I hope things calm down.

Oh for fuck's sake...

Comment posted by the_sane_maniac deleted Jul 16th, 2020


Edit: I guess somebody told him.


Aryanne's not gonna sleep with you, bro

We should band together and demand more coverage of all the ongoing, peaceful, BLM protests. And all the incitement to riot. By the police. Because I'd love more coverage. Seriously.

All I can offer is:

I also don't understand what was removed? :moustache:

Tried sending you a Discord PM but it says not possible.

I'm all for people having whatever non-violent political opinion they want, but spreading images like that "as a joke" is kinda.... insensitive?

I wouldn't post a picture of a Celestia in a hood, lynching Luna, now would I? Because it ain't funny.

It was deleted for the animated cartoon image of a gas chamber, then restored after this was explained to TS and the image was removed.

Sure am glad I found that /s at the end. 2020 has collectively entered the Tyson Zone, so I no-longer have any idea what to expect.

This is worth updooting. Have an updoot.

i'm..... severely confused. what's going on?

I think asking someone who has been producing the kind of dreck TittySparkles has for years to have standards in other areas is a bit much.

No, but honestly, she mostly writes about incest/child rape and has some pathetically edgy comment sections, judging by those stories and recent blogs. What was there to expect, exactly?

Well, based on the blog, TittySparkles posted a pony in a gas chamber and that post was deleted for fairly obvious reasons.

At first I thought you meant mods like the kind that adds ponies to Civ V and I got really confused at the hate speech bit.

It's never really a joke.

I mean, for one, it isn't funny. For two, it's used to test waters and see how far they can push moderation - success means the way is clear for more violent and extreme views.

Haha nice

iisaw #34 · Jul 16th, 2020 · · 2 ·


It's never really a joke.


It's the bully who tells the teacher that the reason the little kid has a black eye is that they were "just playing."

It's the wife-beater who tells the police that she "fell down the stairs."

If you give them an inch, they'll have another inch. And inch by inch they'll eat the world. Don't give an inch to the Nazis.

Yup. Crack down hard and don't let up.

They've already lost the argument. Let's stop pretending there's a debate and get on with the consequences.

I didn't wanna be that guy, but that was legitimately what I was thinking, not to shame others but c'mon, that crap is... not cool, some things are toxic.

Exactly. This feels like the (obviously unsurprising) culmination of someone who already has a long-running pattern of shitty behavior and their own personal echo chamber to applaud them for said behavior.

5310250 5310270
The "It was a joke" defense always seems to just mean "ah, but being cruel and hurting people makes me laugh".

This is not a defense. It's a confession.

Yes! I am making off with that pithy line!

lol Aqua I was about to be so pissed off

I........... SETH STANDMORE...........

TAKES A DEEP BREATH......................



my greatfather, roy standmore fought to save the world and from the scrunge of nazi's and it is because of him that I am here on this day to tell you to NEVER SUPPORT THE NAZI'S :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage: HOW DARE YOU SPEAK OUT AGAIN'ST THE REMOVAL OF NAZI'S YOU HAVE DISHONORED MY DEAD GRANDPATHER M,AY HE REST IN PIECE :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

soon i Will write my Story chapter Contains Nazi's and they dying, if I even so much as HEAR THAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT SUPPORTING NAZI'S AGAIN i and my girl friend Katana-Maru-Chan will be MOST DISPLACED WITH YOU :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

BAD DAY SIR :flutterrage:


smdh my damn head, when will people realize that banning Nazi iconography literally makes you worse than Nazis.


"TittySparkles' blog really was caustically offensive and really did have an image of Aryanne gassing a pony, and was deleted for a valid reason."

Honestly, from what you've said: I kind of think that they do suck for deleting that. Not because deleting it was wrong (I might have deleted it myself, in their place). But because they deleted that, while allowing foalcon to stand. And pedophilia is way worse then a distasteful nazi joke!

If the mods had a policy of never deleting anything for being offensive or distasteful, then they could honestly say "we don't condone pedophilia, but we never delete anything for being offensive". But by deleting that blog post, while allowing literal peophilic erotica to stand: It amounts to an endorsement of pedophilia. It says that they think pedophilia is okay (at least, okay enough to be allowed on the site), while nazi jokes are crossing a line. And it's the other way around, child porn (even of fictional children) is way worse then a nazi joke!

When people make reactionary edgy punching down jokes, it's fun to ask them to explain what about the joke is funny.

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