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Quick Update · 3:56pm Jul 15th, 2020

Hey gang, just want to do a quick update.

Sorry there hasn't been any new chapter recently. I decided to take the month of June off to get my thoughts together. My brain is always flowing with ideas and sometimes I don't know what precisely I should do. Plus, I needed a break. Work is kinda shitty, and it's been hard to focus. But fear not. I will be starting the next chapter of The Power Bimbos soon. So expect a new one out sometime in August.

On another note, I've started writing a different strictly hentai story. 'Massive Milky Mayhem' follows Hideki Nakamura discovering that fellow student Misaki Ushiyama frequently lactates and has an increased libido. What hijinks will they get into trying to hide this from the rest of the student body? Check it out here https://pastebin.com/5jnA6aAy. This will be more along the lines of a doujin hentai, so just the sex.

That's it for now. See you guys later.

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Comments ( 2 )

I hope everything is going okay for you

I'm doing good. Work hasn't really improved, but I'm coping with it better.

I really needed some time off from writing to get everything in order. But I'm working on the next chapter and, while it's slower going, I will have it out. Sadly later than I initially intended, but it's coming.

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