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    "Is Celestia a Villain? Do you hate Celestia?"

    A strange pair of questions I find asked of many authors, Including myself, when Celestia's image of the perfect ruler is challenged.

    Of my two stories, I've made Celestia a central figure in both of them, for very different reasons, even if her presence isn't truly required.

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    Writing the next two chapters for Innocent Monster is draining me currently.

    Gonna have to delay it till next month.

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    Delays and Resolutions!

    As it stands, I have not posted a new chapter since November.

    This bothers me.

    Expect a new chapter in the next week or two, for both Book and Blade, as well as Innocent Monster.

    No, I haven't forgotten my promise. It's happening.

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    Thank you, Everyone.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    I'm absolutely astonished that my story has been in the features box for so much this week, and I didn't really expect it to take off as it has.

    I want you guys to know that I'm very thankful and this has been a huge boost in my mood, after my long, 8 day work streak prior to Tuesday.

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    So I made another story..

    So I made another story.

    Yaaaay... go read? please?

    It's called Innocent Monster

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Overnight Work SUCKS. · 3:15pm Jul 15th, 2020

So, Author is out of Commission right now. She's been working almost 6 days straight, and spending her last few hours awake typing for the next couple chapters.

The chapter can't end yet.. I haven't written you meeting Illua like I left as a cliff hanger...


While Nyx takes care of Author, I have two questions for you all. Author is relying solely on herself and Word for grammar and spelling, and could use an extra set of eyes and advice for cutting chapters and organization. Would anyone like to help?
Secondly, After This next or the next two chapters, we hopefully can be out of Flash back mode regarding the story. Do you guys want Author to continue writing of my Past in Equestria, and marking them as 'Archive' Chapters?

Illua... stop spoiling my thoughts...

Author... Get sleep. You have a D&D game tonight, and Nyx is only gonna-
Get your happy ass in bed. NOW.

Okay... I should be able to post either 1 long or 2 reasonable length chapters tomorrow. See you guys later...

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If you need someone to look over your grammar, and possibly help with where to cut off with things, I'd be willing to help. Mostly with grammar though, as I'm still an amateur writer myself.

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