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  • Today

    Prepare your butts. New cover art incoming.

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  • Monday
    👀 new discord server coming soon

    When this thing goes live, I'ma post up the invite link. Instead of the scrappy lil' personal server I have at the moment, this thing's gonna be a beefy place with genre-specific writing channels, a dedicated gaming category, choose-your-favorite-color roles, and more!

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  • Sunday
    Man, do I like this music. :V

    I can clearly hear one of the songs I had to play on the piano years ago in it, but at the same time... wow, is this good vibe music.

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  • Saturday
    Won a bid for an Nvidia GTX 645 GPU.

    Gonna use this thing to do more 3D rendering stuffs. I'ma install this in my thrift-store workstation so that I don't have to worry about crashing my main system whenever I want to render a heavy scene. At least that way I can still work on homework and essays while things are happening in the background. :facehoof:

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Woo, productivity! · 5:28am July 15th

Lookit all that writing activity! Outside of the fact that Splintershard's on hiatus while I write out the next arc or two, every story on this list that isn't shelved has finally received their long-awaited updates!

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Comments ( 7 )

Meanwhile What If stands above all looking down on them as it bellows out random nonsense it calls chapters
"Pathetic Mortals!"

Ha. Yup, What If isn't on that list 'cause it updates not only randomly, but sometimes multiple times a day.

Especially since What if is the reason some of those are even on that list

By the way I found the What If chapter that I already wrote that was written with a bot.


Yes, but the difference is, the new one was written only with What if as a source

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