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    Prepare your butts. New cover art incoming.

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  • Monday
    👀 new discord server coming soon

    When this thing goes live, I'ma post up the invite link. Instead of the scrappy lil' personal server I have at the moment, this thing's gonna be a beefy place with genre-specific writing channels, a dedicated gaming category, choose-your-favorite-color roles, and more!

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  • Sunday
    Man, do I like this music. :V

    I can clearly hear one of the songs I had to play on the piano years ago in it, but at the same time... wow, is this good vibe music.

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  • Saturday
    Won a bid for an Nvidia GTX 645 GPU.

    Gonna use this thing to do more 3D rendering stuffs. I'ma install this in my thrift-store workstation so that I don't have to worry about crashing my main system whenever I want to render a heavy scene. At least that way I can still work on homework and essays while things are happening in the background. :facehoof:

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Eh. Looks like I'm doing daily What If chapters again. · 9:01pm July 14th

EWhat If...
A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.
TheMajorTechie · 73k words  ·  216  32 · 3.8k views

There ya go.

Go crazy.

Report TheMajorTechie · 20 views · Story: What If... · #what if
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Comments ( 4 )

You know, I kind of miss the more serious chapters of What If.

Oof rip. As far as serious entries go, it's limited mostly to seasons 4-6 of MLP. :P

That isn't quite what I meant. What If is like popcorn to me, enjoyable, but lacking in substance. I understand that What If is more of a just for kicks story for you to play with nonsense and have fun, and if I wanted a serious one-off story that I could go read one of the countless other stories on this site.

As I type this, with every word, I feel more selfish and greedy, asking you to do something for me, that you may not even want to do, for literally nothing in return, all because one day you decided to ask for what if ideas. I am fighting the urge to delete this comment as I type it, because I am essentially asking you to change what you do and what your audiance seems to enjoy for my own enjoyment.

Oh, God, with every word I type, that little green button gets heavier. Bearing in mind that I should not expect you to accept my idea, and that you are absolutely under no obligation to oblige, I would like to say that it would be interesting to see a few ideas that you just see how far that you can take them. That it would be interesting to see a few chapters where the absurd suggestion is taken beyond its intention, to the farthest extreme, just for fun.

To the farthest extreme, you say? Depending on what's suggested, I might do that.

In all seriousness though, the majority of my "serious" chapters in What If tend to be full story pitches or experimental writing nowadays. It's been ages since I've been interested enough in MLP to watch a full season, and I often have to make specific changes to my story plans for my more recent stories in order to make them be related to FiM in the first place. :P

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