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Signal boost: it's pretty much story-as-rant, but... · 11:54am July 14th

...let's face it: this is a rant which a lot of us have had. Which very much includes me. (I have the blogs and story catalog to prove it.)

I may not be doing the author much of a favor by sending any traffic in their direction. (Also, even if there are extra views, the Estee Bump is measurable at 1.851851851851852e-4 Game Grumps.) If this story reaches the point of having a visible, positive vote count, the people who live on the target side of said rant may start to arrive and after that, we might be looking at a full-scale Comments firestorm. It'll be the CDA all over again, with a possible side dose of Awsome. There are those who don't like it when someone blows a hole in their fantasies. Especially when it's literal.

There's an argument to be made that there isn't a lot of story here. (Argument, but not formal review. The author didn't volunteer.) But there's quite a bit of rant, and given that it's a topic where my own sighs have already sunken deep into grave dirt... let's give someone else a chance at taking the shot. It won't kill the trend, because it never does. But let's face it: if the Comments do go firestorm, then it'll at least show that a wound was inflicted. And some say bleeding can be its own cleanse.

The rant is about powermongering conscience-free self-insert characters.

And here's the story.

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As someone once said about Philadelphia "There isn't any 'there' there."

Hm, thanks.

Georg #3 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

As somebody who wrote his own 'Answer to typical HiE fics' some number of years ago (2012), I approve.


Myself, I generally ensure my power-fantasies stay in the confines of my own head, as I know they will amuse only me - by definition, more-or-less.

"But don't you keep saying you're a magical space li-"

One, I said "power fantasies;" and two, if you think the merest glimpses of what I let filter through around here on occasion, are my "power fantasies," you REALLY don't want to know what actually goes on behind the eyeglows, hypothetical person...

Thanks for the bump, Estee, I'm flattered someone thought this thing I wrote sleep deprived over two days is worth a look.

Signal [...]
[...]with a possible side dose of Awsome.

You rang?

The "true" answer to typical HiE fics

Actually, Admiral Biscuit wrote that one (I still haven't read it).

[Adult story embed hidden]

Full disclosure: I liked your own version better because Camper is basically just a meta version of Gary (I'm a good guy with meme powers and I'll protect you helpless poners from the bad guys with meme powers!)

100% correct.
I needed an excuse to be able to kill a nigh-invincible Stu and unfortunately the conclusion was "making a bigger Stu".
I also wanted to spit in the face of the "I'm now the first and ONLY human in Equestria".
But most importantly I wanted someone to pull out a gun and just shoot him and it didn't feel right to make them a pony.

Obvious issues with the writing, but hey its spreading pretty rapidly. Better than expected for something that's exactly what Estee says: a rant as a story.

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