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Continue A New Destiny? · 6:39pm July 13th

That is the big question should I complete a new Destiny?

EA New Destiny
Ever since I opened that email I was turned into a Pokemon and was forced to take responsibility for the sake of the others that came after me. But unlike them I'm immortal, and it's been nothing but a curse. I had only one option left...leave.
Pen Dragon · 18k words  ·  152  18 · 4.2k views
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Comments ( 4 )

Oh my gosh!:pinkiegasp: I completely forgot about this. Yes, please continue this if you can.:pinkiehappy:

Doctor it's coming back more blood more blood.
Breathe you breathe
Believe it's stabling out now.

Yes please do continue with the story.

Please continue this story, please.

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