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I'm back and COMMISSIONS OPEN! · 5:37pm July 13th

I'm back! Odd week off, tried to go to a couple of places but people weren't social distancing and we had to be so vigilant that it became more stressful than fun even though we tried a big zoo with open areas (big paths etc) first of all. Just can't get in to see exhibits with people crowding each other and not being polite. Relaxed at home and picked up some more home workout equipment for me (yay, now have a curl bar, new kettlebells and a power bag!), tried a castle at the end of the week and, oof... Asked a man to step back as he was crowding us waiting to get in and he started cursing and swearing and calling me names. I think he called me a "moronic cow" for social distancing. Huh. Well, that sucked and shot my adrenaline up as he was making aggressive advances, but I think we handled it as well as we could. Will not be bothering with similar places though, clearly not sensible right now. We have some local walks we still want to try so those look to be a lot easier to distance on, fingers crossed, and some more remote sites of interest that can at least give us a bit of a break on weekends.

I did, however, buy a crate of speciality beer and cider from a local place, along with wine that has a horse on the label. Clearly, that is a firm favourite and a WINNER!

But the holiday is over and it's time to crack on now!

As above, as I've had a few queries over the last week where people were unsure whether I was open or not, commissions are OPEN and my rates start at 30 GBP per 1000 words. Please e-mail arianmabe@gmail.com if you fancy getting something written up for you! My next slot is August 4th currently.

Looking forward to writing more and seeing just what I can pull together for you lovely lot!


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