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why EqG sunset and rainbow lowkey bad 😨⁉️

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    I don’t know what to call this blog post but ima just call I friend.
    Btw I’m telling a story so I prob won’t remember everything.
    (My grammar is not the best)

    Okay so this story is about a friend I have. I still have contact with her though Snapchat.

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Friend · 8:36pm Jul 12th, 2020

I don’t know what to call this blog post but ima just call I friend.
Btw I’m telling a story so I prob won’t remember everything.
(My grammar is not the best)

Okay so this story is about a friend I have. I still have contact with her though Snapchat.
Okay so I met her in 4th grade when she was new to the school. We first started talking when I had a shirt on that she had. Okay so I have to say this, there was two girls who were really mean. Almost like the bullies you can say. I’m not going to say any names so, let’s call them bullies (I can’t think of names). I had a few interactions with them. They weren’t really mean to me, yet. So my friend was you know, talking to people, trynna make new friends. Like you would do when you’re new to a school. I forgot how the bullies met with my friend so I can’t say that. I became friends with the bullies when we were in math and we had to work with partners for doing a packet. I wanted to work with my friend but, she already had a partner. It was my other friend. Let’s call her friend 2 cuz, I don’t wanna make it confusing. I am still friends with her to this day. When I said that if I can work with them, my friend said:

“no sorry I’m already with (My friend 2)”

I was like, okay it’s fine I’m cool with that. But I still wanted to be with her, so I asked her if I can work with the two of them. She said no in a rude way. She was being rude to me for no reason. So I like walked away cuz I didn’t wanna deal with her and, I need to find a partner. So I see that everyone has a partner and nobody doesn’t wanna be with me. So I went up to the bullies to ask if I can work with them. They said yes! I was happy that I finally got a partner. When I said thank you for working with me, they talked to me saying that why I’m still friends with my friend. They saw that she was being rude to me for absolutely no reason. I didn’t know how to respond cuz I still wanted to be friends with her. But she was also being rude to me so I didn’t want to talk to her right now. Then they said that if I wanted to be with them in a group. I always wanted to be friends with them. I wanted to because I don’t wanna get bullied. I’m really sensitive. So I said sure. And instead of doing work, we were thinking of a group name for the group we are going to do. This was in December. So the “leader” of the group said that we should do a secret Santa. If you don’t know what that is, it’s that when you exchange Christmas presents anonymously. So we all agreed to do that. The second bully had a concert to do. She was in band. We went to see it in the Assembly. After that, we you know we’re talking and shit like that.

From that day we were talking to each other non stop. My friend started to notice that I was hanging out with them more. She was getting, let’s say jealous. I knew she was cuz she would try and pull me out of their view and trying to make me stop talking to them. And she would try to talk to them. I didn’t let her do that bc they were my friends.

I forgot what happened after that so let’s just skip.

Okay so this was recess. We were playing tag with 1 2 3 4.. I think 6 people. Lemme say this before I say this (wtf that made no sense) I asked my friend a question. And ya know what she said? She said: omg sarah you’re so stupid!
Mk so I was like: damn no reason to call me that I just asked you a question Anyways, And then my friend was it so when we were playing, she accidentally pulled bullies 1 hair. She pulled it really hard, like so hard that she pulled some of her hair off- so she started crying bc it hurt like hell! So she ran away, crying and her other friend was yelling at my friend saying that you didn’t have to do that. And then I went to them because number one: they were my friend and two: that I didn’t want to be around my friend. So we were asking her if she’s okay and stuff like that. She said that it really hurt and started talking about how my friend is so mean. So I told her that she called me stupid. And then she got pissed like, got rlly rlly rlly mad. My friend went up to her and asked her if she was okay and that she was sorry. She snapped at my friend for talking her hair and calling me stupid. So, this fight was pretty funny! I’ll tell you why. My friend tried to do sassy talk on her but she failed, lol. When my friend put her hands on hips, trynna you know do that pose, the bully did that same thing but! I don’t know how to explain it but it was funny. So my friend ran off, crying. So after that we had lunch and she didn’t wanna sit with me. I sat with the two girls. So I was at the right side of the room and my friend was at the left. Our tables were next to each other. She kept looking at me. And I was uncomfortable Bc she kept staring at me.

Holy crow I just realized that I made a essay! Well, I still got more to tell.

(Sorry this story is all over the place)

This one time, we were in ELA working on something. It was like a protect. I saw my friend and the two bullies talking to each other. I wanted to hear what they were talking about so, I went up to them saying hi ya know. So they were talking about a party that bully 1 was throwing. I really wanted to go. So I asked him if I can go but I couldn’t bc

oH yOuR bIrThDaY iS nOt In SePtEmBeR!

I’m like seriously?
You’re not letting me go there bc my birthday isn’t in September.. and she said that one of her bsf can go. Even tho her birthday is in May! Okay I get that it’s her party and she can do what she want with it but like, c’mon! I still really wanted to go so I asked. Can I still go I mean my birthday is in November.
Ofc they said no.
Anyways I didn’t care anymore so I went back to my seat and started working again.
The party didn’t happen anyways so.. LOL-

I got many more shit that happened but imma tell one more cuz I’m nice :twilightsmile:

So it was gym and we were playing a game. I forgot what game but we were playing something. And my friend started me be rude to be again :ajbemused:. So I got pissed and went up to the two bullies. I wanted to be around then bc I wanted to tell them what happened. So they got mad and told me enough is enough! That I should not be friends with her anymore. So they told me to go up to her and say that I didn’t want to be friends anymore. So I hesitated at first because I really hate ending friendships. But they told me I had to so I did it. I went up to her anything that I want to end this friendship. She started saying why and that the bullies told you to do this. Well I said no. I was kinda lying but I needed to end it bc she was being rude to me, a lot! So yeah I said we are not friends anymore and walked away. She was crying and stuff. And I blocked her on roblox and everything.

That’s it I’m going to say. I don’t feel like writing anymore. So yeah bye and have a good day! :heart::rainbowkiss:

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Yeah it took long to write :twilightblush:

Nono your
name is pretty I like it.

Well I never had a friend name Grace. I love the name

This is why I hate fucking writing. My grammar is horrible

Oof. I love compliments but thats okay if you don’t.

Oh I understand that sometimes I get flustered sometimes when ppl compliment me

And what I mean sometimes if the complement is like really nice and makes me really happy. That’s what I mean

Ikr that would be perfect!

Oh my gosh, Dashie. I'm sorry for all the pain you went through in that friendship. I'm glad things worked out best for you in the end. Unless you're not happy with what happened. Either way, I'm here if you ever wanna talk. Being in a toxic relationship sucks because you never know what you're getting yourself into. Then, by the time you realize, you're already so happy being friends with that person. It's really hard to break it off because you're scared of losing them or making them feel horrible. What you did was brave. Anyway, thanks for sharing. <3

You’re welcome. Thanks for saying something on this. I really appreciate it :pinkiehappy:

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