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    No one:

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Oculus Is Annoyed · 3:21pm Jul 12th, 2020

“This is literally the worst thing to happen in my life.”

”What? What’s wrong?”

“Jay doesn’t make skits with me anymore... we’ve become a trend, and the worst thing is... we’ve already gotten old.”

”But isn’t it good that he’s moving on? He can’t stay in that phase forever.”

“It doesn’t matter! He should still wanna make stuff with us. It shows that he cares.”

“Yo, what’s all the commotion?”

“It’s you being an entitled dick, it’s what it is.”

“Woah there, Nelly...”

“I’m not your Chrysalis damn Nelly, you cock sucking motherfucker.”

”Oculus! Language!”

“While it may be rude, it’s also accurate.”

*nods sagely*

“Anyway, don’t be mad just because you’re an old phase. Plus, you were, like, evolved from one of the biggest Gary Stus I could think of.”

*gasp* “How could you?!”

“I just did.”

”Well— eat a dick. Most of your followers are here for me, anyway, so, ha!

“Actually, I haven’t lost any since you got booted.”


“If you wanted, I could make you part of my new series. I dunno if you count as a furry, so—“

PLEEEAAAASE let me be a part of it—“

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Comments ( 27 )

Poor guy. I’d let him in, but I don’t think he could handle all the drama.

Yeah, he probably couldn't...

”B-But I could! You guys just aren’t giving me a chance...”

Erm...are you aware of what goes on in that series?

”U-Uh, yeah... somethin’ about Clark killing himself and becoming a ghost, and, uh...”

Well, that’s a little bit of it.

Yeah, there's a lot more drama that comes along with that


Sorry, Oc. I’m not a sellout.

Aw, don't feel too bad, you're still great

”A great phase.

You're not a phase...

I mean...well, it's not like you'll never be used again

She’s got a point.


Yeah. I mean, you're technically being used right now, and it's probably not going to be the last time you're used

“Well— point taken.”


Still, you'll be used again after this, I'm sure

”Thanks. You know, you’re my favorite.”

”Mhm. Of course.”

“I’d say you’re lucky, man. Because I hardly get used in any skits. The last one I was used in I got... you know.”

”True, true, but— but at least you’re not, Y’know, a phase. An old one, at that.”

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