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  • Friday
    I'ma write a thing for the AppleDash Warm and Fuzzy Feelings event.

    'cause this is the exact sort of stuff I've been practicing writing incognito. I like things that make me feel warm and fuzzy and safe-- especially so in 2020.

    Expect AppleDashery in the near future. :V

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  • Thursday
    Update: I am a stupid.

    Guess the who heckin' forgot that he changed his password?

    Dis boi right 'ere.

    I am the stupid. :V

    Now I can hoard cakes again.

    yay that means I don't need to buy more plushies to keep playing still

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  • Thursday
    My Webkinz account got purged. ;-;

    Haven't bought a new plushie in years, but I still dropped in and played every few months. I guess "activity" to Ganz means buying a new plush and registering it.

    So anyway, my Webkinz account that I've had since like 2nd grade no longer exists. Yay 2020. :V

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  • Wednesday
    This song gives me chills.

    I liked the original that came out last year, but this acoustic version is next level.

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  • Wednesday
    Thinking of revisiting my Youtube channel.

    I threw together a quick intro clip. :V

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What kind of cover art would you like to see for Pony-Me's reboot? · 7:07am July 12th

A) The original cover art of Pony-Me
B) Placeholder stock image VR headset
C) Newly commissioned cover art
D) 3D modeled and rendered cover art, with something along the lines of the below:

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Comments ( 8 )

I think either A would be good or B tbh.

(Edit: I think D would be a good idea too! It'll give out an interesting Sci-fi vibe to the viewer)

Crudely drawn pixel art?

--Sweetie Belle

Original is okay

an edit of Jenkins from south park with a VR headset photoshopped on. (Jenkins is the dude from the WoW episode that was ganking all the players, you know the one)


This guy. I did add /s at the end of the comment though so it was obviously a joke.

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