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I don’t usually do this, but... · 11:14pm July 11th

Here’s a short preview of the next chapter.


“Guys!” a voice called out. “Guys, I’m here! I made it!”

Everyone turned to see a green reformed changelings running and breathing frantically towards the Feelings Forum.

Spiny squinted at the sight. “Wait... Is he covered in—”

“Oh, shoot! Everyone back up! Back up now!” Flutterwings called out as she, Spiny, and Scorch all scurried frantically out of Cricket’s path, pulling Thistle along with them.

The pink changeling looked at them with a confused expression. “Guys, w—”

As soon as she opened her mouth to ask them something, Cricket tripped and stumbled forward once he ran inside, falling on his front.

Thistle and the siblings watched as tiny white specks suddenly flew from Cricket and onto a few unfortunate changelings, who shrieked and groaned in disgust.

She squinted to inspect the tiny white specks that appeared to be squirming and slithering on the stone floor. Tadpoles? Worms?

Nope. Maggots. Little chubby white maggots.

Pharynx stared at the crime scene with his jaw agape. “C-Cricket!” he uttered after a few moments of dead silence. “Wh-Wha... what... what the-?! Wha...” his mouth stuttered continuously in an urge to find any proper words to describe... whatever this was.

“Uh... oops?” Cricket attempted as he flinched weakly.

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Comments ( 9 )

Heh. Nice

Oh. Ew.

I’m looking forward to its release, though!

Ooh, interesting. I can't wait to see how that works out for them

Cricket loves maggots.

Heh, I can see. I'm looking forward to seeing the new chapter!

Ah. Well, whatever floats his boat. I won’t judge.

I think.

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