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going back to every other week, and Chapter 13 of Desparados is out · 6:39pm Jul 10th, 2020

So things are still on track to getting done, with nearly half the story written now, I just need to get to writing. I have found myself doing a few other projects, nothing major, as I am trying to keep my writing short and sweet, but it is odd with how much I have been doing, though at the same time how much I haven't done.

Interesting news, I got Think Pink to read the beginning of Desperadoes, and it has shine a light at a few issues with the start of the story. Mainly that it is confusing as all hell, as it should, but not to the extent as I did. Unlike my other stories, I do want to go and fix issues sooner then later, so I left some notes. But next time I'll send a reader my google Dox for the chapter, make the possess faster if they have any criticisms.

More Interesting news, the brony known as Takeshy Reacts will be doing a live reading of Desperado's, possibly starting with the oneshot "Six Hooves under New Appaloosa" so keep an eye out for his channel. he tends to stream on youtube at 11pm PST, I know he would love more people to join the chat as he reads.

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