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Tidying Up. ~ Story Cancellation And Removal Update. · 4:38pm July 10th

After much careful thought.

I've decided to clean up my stories page a tiny bit.

That said I'm removing Three Stories, which are M Rated.

I honestly just am not into M Rated Stuff, I myself would feel far more comfortable if they were removed.


The Muse.

In The End


The Cuddle Configuration.

Will each be removed and moved to my documents to be held in storage.

Cancelled Stories, which will also be removed to storage.

Don't Starve : Starving Is Tragic.

Frightfully Generous.

These two, I simply have no desire to write.

I could force myself, but in the end it would come out horrid.

So off with them, lol.

If anyone did enjoy these stories, I'm happy to send you a copy through Pm.

As for cluttering up my page, they're removed.

Thank you and take care!

Love, Forgetful.

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Comments ( 13 )

May thy three stories Rest Eternally in Peace.

I'm glad you did whatever makes you happy. I'm not too comfortable with M rated stories either.

Same, I just experimented with only two

we all are, forgetful. stay an awesome possum!

Oi, I just honestly felt it was best to keep those things in Cold Storage.

Neither am I, I tried to keep them out of mind by keeping them out of sight.

But honestly, I really just wanted them gone.

I wrote two for money and one as a gift.

Thank you, hon!

you too! Honesty? I just read m story's once in awhile...

I might read a M too, but not ones which are basically pornography.

More of those which just deal with Mature themes.


I might read a M too, but not ones which are basically pornography.

This is kinda my policy too, with reading as well as writing. Like, I have a couple M-rated stories but neither are porn. The cutesy fluffy one is more about the feelings generated by the sensuality, rather than the enhanced snuggling or w/e. And the other is about rape trauma so yeah no, people who write and read porn about that are non-human freaks. /rant

I really wish fimfic had a filter for porn stories specifically. There are plenty of M-rated stories worth reading, but obviously none of them are the gross porn stuff. It'd be really nic if those were categorized separately.

I totally agree.

A filter would make clearing away the smut easier, so the gems can shine through.

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