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Human. Still human. ["with sentences [...] reads like they were written by a drunk, stoned, and autistic disorganized schizophrenic", as one said]

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  • Friday
    Apparently, there is anime about Karl Marx now (from China)

    Oh, well, not watched it (I prefer TEXT) but interesting development none the less .... (I recall at least some early anime fans in USA become anime fans because they wanted SERIOUS cartoons /other/outside view on some issues .... today anime watching is not sign of you being actively forward looking, I'm afraid ... but may be it can be made so again)

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  • Thursday
    Was re-reading some webpages latelty ....

    I think this quote may cheer you up, even if udnerlaying reality is no laughting:

    A few years ago I was sat on a train with a chap who said he was a nuclear scientist and during our discussion he said the problem is we are too clever, I paused and said I don't agree the problem is we are too sexual, we are fucking every other species off the planet.

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  • 2 weeks
    "Anyone concerned about mental health should also join with social movements >>> "

    -> trying to end American imperialism". From Baffler. (Colette Shade)

    Yeah, I tend to agree with this line of thinking. Go to the source/root of the problem. Otherwise it will be battle with no end ....

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  • 2 weeks
    Offtopic: Telescope!

    Quite big one!

    Talk in russian but video itself international enough, I hope .. 36 min

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  • 4 weeks
    Currently reading ....


    Well, I think this author is truely wise, observational and intellectual. Even if purely spiritual aspects of those writings are not resonating with me - human experience and thoughts around them definitely are! Highly recommended even for this reason alone.

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So, we discussed something again on facebook · 9:50am July 9th


Julian pointed me at video

(Transracialism? Ft. Artistic Genius • Aug 17, 2019 by Vaush )

on this I replied:

at 11:32 .... well, I know there is pressure to assign 'biological' higher rank vs 'just cultural' ..but observing how ppl literally scream from 'cultural/psycholoogical' I don't buy this line of thinking ......
Andrew Randrianasulu and also I dislike how something dismissed because 'I think this is weird' - everything unusual was considered weird at some point ..But my problem more in this apparent lack of understanding culture runs on biology - so 'psychological' changes and shit are all none the less real, because they run on real human brainware, and change it a bit, and meet some real, micro-biological, nano-biological, but _real_ and powerful as far as our behavior concerned resistance/shaping!

Report Andrew-R · 26 views · #politics #body #mind #culture
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