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  • 17 weeks
    New chapters!

    Hey guys! Sorry for the very late progress. Been very busy until I barely get to this website as usual. But the good news is, I have returned with 2 new chapters to my world war story! It was planned to be 4 chapters but I thought about it too much and decided to make them 2 chapters instead of 4. The Battle of Carentan is still on going and they soon will meet the end of the battle. Thank you

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    World at War: Chapter 11.2

    Hey folks! Hope y'all doin mighty fine with your life. Anyways, I'm sorry for the long progress for the story, but I can assure you it's still a story that I want to finish. A must if I have to say. Just as I promise, these are the few parts of the first half of the story! Thank you for the patience and I can guarantee you that the next chapter will be published soon before mid of August.

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  • 38 weeks
    World at War: Chapter 11.1 has been released!

    Hello there! Just wanna say happy 4th of July for those who celebrated! And to make things more interesting, I've released the Chapter 11! It took way faster than I expected but worth the shot. Though, it's titled 11.1 because the battle is going to be longer than I expect. For summary, the battle took place at Carentan Highway where 502nd got banged up by German 88 before advancing to a nearby

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  • 38 weeks
    World at War: Chapter 11

    Good day folks! I'm starting to think that after I've released a new chapter, I'm going to make blog posts about my progression in this story. Maximum blog posts will be two times before the new chapter is released so as to not giving too much spoilers on the story. And now, here are some of the events that's happening in Chapter 11.

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  • 38 weeks
    World at War

    Hey hey hey, guys! I hope y'all doing well and safe beyond all recognition. Chapter 10 have been released for my World War 2 story and I'm awaiting for your suggestions, critics, any help I can get from the comment section or PM would be very much appreciated. Thank you for being patient for the progress! Chapter 11 coming soon, and I have scheduled the deadline for August 1st, 2022. Stay tuned

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Any stories for me to read? Please? · 9:40am Jul 9th, 2020

It's been a week since I last posted the blog about my health. Huh, I'm getting better now don't worry. Oh yeah, the story for my birthday has been completed! Damn, it took me a lot of time to write it. But whatever, it's done anyway. Oh yeah, I'm not going to write down any chapter for awhile but I just wanted some recommendations on stories that I can read. Not that I'm lazy but I can't easily search it under my circumstances.

Any stories that shared in this blog would be very helpful to pass my time in ease.

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I gatchu homie Give me like 5 min

TNo Nose Knows
An ancient law thrusts the Common and the Royal together over a pair of noses.
Irrespective · 150k words  ·  2,216  43 · 39k views
A Special Operative gets stranded in a strange unfamiliar world and must learn how to cope.
hornethead · 219k words  ·  1,800  131 · 26k views
TSecond Chances, Many Changes
I used to be a human girl named Rachel. Now some self-appointed "Spirit of Chaos" (who surely has an ulterior motive) decided to "rescue" me from my fate and give me a second chance. Yeah, being a pastel pony in an insane world is SO much better.
ASGeek2012 · 320k words  ·  1,628  61 · 21k views
TCelestia Sleeps In
A dispute between Celestia and Luna leads to Celestia accidentally making contact with humans.
Admiral Biscuit · 147k words  ·  1,710  89 · 29k views
Cold feet and a lousy day at work and hunger can all be solved by cuddling a pony in front of a fireplace.
Admiral Biscuit · 1.5k words  ·  875  12 · 10k views
When Scootaloo disrupts one of Twilight's experiments Scootaloo and Twilight find themselves in a galaxy at war.
CommanderApplejack · 114k words  ·  567  22 · 10k views
TSo, You Want to be a Princess?
When a mysterious woman offers a magical kingdom, Carter Arvil accepts the deal. But can they endure the wrath of those with their own claims to the throne, especially someone who has an entire army?
Meep the Changeling · 135k words  ·  586  49 · 5.8k views
TDash of Humanity
Have you ever woken up as a vegan cartoon pony? I have, and she won’t shut up about it. I’m stuck in her body as our minds swap control and our memories blur. I’m not sure I can survive the rest of the day, let alone until we fix it
Kaidan · 94k words  ·  4,047  157 · 47k views
TAzure Memories
A unicorn wakes up in Ponyville, with no memories beyond her own name as she starts a brand new life from scratch.
Silvak · 61k words  ·  439  16 · 8.8k views
The. she. we.
A man, empty. A mare, damaged. A life, lived. A life - loved.
Shinzakura · 111k words  ·  973  54 · 15k views
TThe God Empress of Ponykind
The God Emperor of Mankind becomes Princess Celestia
iowaforever · 109k words  ·  1,688  69 · 33k views
TChanging Views
One moment I was enjoying life, the next... well, I'm not so sure, though I was hearing voices. Now, however? I'm the last survivor of my race. I'm not even human anymore...
lllWarHawklll · 132k words  ·  2,285  59 · 25k views
TThe King Is Dead, Long Live The Emperor!
A changeling, sent back in time due to a freak accident, kills King Sombra... and ends up as the new ruler of the city. Hilarity ensues.
Bucking Nonsense · 122k words  ·  2,982  85 · 32k views

Then to toot my own horn so to speak XD

TMy little Sunspot
We have all read the stories about a human waking up as N.M.M but what if that human woke up as their fiery counterpart
LSTS Connor · 61k words  ·  1,150  104 · 22k views

And voila if you want any more I got loads more to send ya

Comment posted by LSTS Connor deleted Jul 9th, 2020

Wow that's a lot. Thanks dude! Never stop reading on this bed. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks dude! I definitely will read it for these couple of months. The doctors said so, I will have to stay for about four months? Damn, how I imagined just lay in this bed and eat the hospital's food. :rainbowlaugh:

Nice to see that you're up and kicking.

About fic recommendation, what are your favorite genres anyway?

On here, everything, but mostly short stories about cute romances or long adventures.


short stories about cute romances

[Adult story embed hidden]

long adventures

ESweetie Belle Gains a Soul
In her darkest hour, Sweetie Belle finds salvation, but it comes with a terrible curse.
Bad Dragon · 132k words  ·  172  43 · 5.9k views

Thank you so much dude! Hope all of you have more, cause I'm pretty sure I'll finish all of it on the end of the month.

If romance and adventure, I would recommend my top favorites:

A few others I have read I think worth checking out (some of them are not romances):

Probably enough to last you a few months.

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