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    I spent like 30 minutes trying to get the search groups bar to do something, turns out I was clicked on My Groups, which I've joined none. So that's why the page kept coming up blank lol.

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    That was my first ever blog post.

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Inner Peace. 💖 · 2:21am July 8th

Lovely news as of recent.

I've found a sense of tranquility and peace in my life.

For those who might not have known, I've been dealing with heavy depression since last year.

I had lost someone in my family who I loved and cherished.

With her passing, I had just about fell over the edge.

It was a real reason that I had tried to find some reason for my existence through happiness and generosity.

Yet no matter how much I tried, I could never fill a hole which was in my heart.

I'd have good days and bad, sometimes I'd just break down into crying in the shower.

Sometimes I'd stay in bed or forget to eat for days straight.

I'd do my best to smile, make jokes or be bubbly.

It was all just my way to force happiness back into my life.

Yet without even a notice, my sister had given me something I searched for all this time, that being a sense of faith.

"The happiest times of my life have been at my sister's side, she's never closed me out, no matter whatever I asked. I feel I can be myself and not afraid of what's next, one day I'll stand on my own but seeing her already out there and doing so much. I only hope I can be like her."

My older sister had found my, little sister's journals.

I've been reading them non-stop, but it was this that stood out the most.

Written just a tiny bit before that day.

She still was proud of me, even when I hated myself. ~ When I felt I abandoned her...

Just knowing that, it's reignited a fire deep inside my heart.

For the first time in the longest time, I've been able to truly sleep.

To really smile.

I even feel more comfortable as myself.

I'm ready to move on now.

Ready to just move forward to somewhere full of sunshine and warmth.

For this moment, I'm honestly at peace.

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Comments ( 15 )

I'm so proud of you. Five words that can go a long way. Even from a friendly stranger. I'm glad you're doing better! Stay positive and face the world head on! We're rooting for you.

"Inner peace..."

~Kung Fu Panda 2


Glad ye feel peace in your self! :) If you need to talk I'm right here! Btw, did you draw that?

Lol, no I wish.

But represents how I feel! 💖

Oi, thank you though.

These past few days have been the Better I've felt in almost a year, like pressure lifted off my shoulders.

Thank you so much, I will , I need too.

I feel that I can just take on anything right now, I don't feel that dread or shadow of sadness following me.

your welcome! :)

I'm very glad to hear you're feeling better Forgetful. That sounds like one heck of an emotional rollercoaster. :twilightsmile:

It was, one I thought I'd carry forever.

But now I feel more spiritually recovered you know?

I actually have been far less reserved lately, just opening up waay more.

Yeah I understand, opening up can be very good. Getting things out into the open is difficult but sometimes really good for healing. :heart: *hug*

Absolutely, I've needed to just open up about this past year more than anything!

~ Hugs~

Thank you River, I hope your days have been blessed.

You have clearly come a long way. Keep fighting, brave warrior, and think about superhero ninja possums sending your inner demons to Tartarus.

Daaw, thank you.

This comment totally made my day!

I am so happy to hear this my friend

Mm-hmm, time to take hold of my life!

Indeed! Take hold and seize the day!

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