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Yu-Gi-Oh E-Quest (Masquerade's attitude) · 9:37pm Jul 7th, 2020

In relation to my other blog of remolding and changing characters


and how Masquerade lives day by day


Beast Boy/Masquerade, although he is a skilled and powerful gamer, he is supposed to be portrayed as... a grumpy, cold, callous, cantankerous, grim, abusive, merciless, intelligent, heartless, rude, mean and rather arrogant person, who has no interest in being friends with anyone, and is often annoyed and exasperated by people who bask in the glories of friendship (Particularly The Equestria Girls) and has a nasty habit of looking down upon such people and insulting them, as well as often connecting their ties to their philosophies to their gaming skills.

The reason for this hatred of friendship and putting people is not without reason...

After Reading Beast Boy's history and his origin, he's had it pretty rough, and even after meeting the Titans and Terra, things did not seem to improve for him. He's already had a hard life...

and in relation to my characters changing blog, what happens to him AFTER Things Change (When Terra dumps him) is horrendous.

I got to give him a reason to snap of his morality, so I it so his life is a living hell-- disrespect, no sympathy, no care, robbed of his dignity and happiness. Too many bad things keep happening to him, and they never stop.

(This is part of his punishment for willingly giving up on Terra, and letting the Titans get away with treating him like a goofball)

After having super falling outs with the Titans, and losing his faith in the, now, Greedy, uncaring, dream-squashing Jump City, and sick and tired of being a hero-- a thankless, reward-less, hellfire job that gets him nowhere-- he renounces his desire to be a hero and help people, and snaps out of morality.

Beast Boy: "The world around me had become a prison! Everywhere I looked I was constantly reminded of my betrayals, my hardships, my loses and pain! Worse than that, I hate my own reflection-- all I saw was the face of a loser, an idiot, a weakling whose purpose is to make everyone else look good.

I couldn't stand it, my face, other people's faces, the world! I couldn't bear to look at it through my own eyes-- So I took to wearing a mask!

(We'll go over his outfit and his identity in another blog)

That's why he hates friendship, and that's why he's so mean and gruff... It's all he's ever known. The people have beat all the love and empathy out of him.

...Kind of like how on OSMOSIS JONES... Mayor Phlemming is portrayed as "His reckless and thoughtless policies are largely responsible for Frank's deteriorating health."

And that's exactly the Mark I'm trying to hit and portray...

the Titans, Terra, the world... they kept pushing him around, taking away his dignity, his happiness, and forcing him into things and choices that were crushing him. In other words... they taught him to HATE and DESPISE more than love and trust.

The darkness outweighs the light, so the light is gone, and now only the darkness remains.

(You're all Dark or your all Light... Stay on one side)

I want it so the Titans are equally, if not LARGELY responsible for Beast Boy becoming a turncoat. What choice did he have? Staying with them, and living the way they want him to live is out of the question... it'll KILL HIM!!

And his reason for pushing people around, well... it's a little bit of reverse logic. He enjoys putting people who are full of themselves in their place...

-Rainbow Dash for bragging how she was the "Queen of Games" when really, she was only winning because she was facing a bunch of inept players and had an unfair advantage over them. He merely taught her what it's like to be on the receiving end.

-The Five Bullies whom he challenged and defeated, as much as he himself tends to act like a verbal bully, he can't stand people who resort to stealing and cheating in a tournament and making mockeries of the game he plays.

Also, having been bullied a great deal himself all his life, he's looking for payback.

Masquerade: "If you have to resort to stealing and cheating, you dishonor the tournament and everything the dueling world stands for... and besides... I have very little patience for bullies."

-As he can't stand people like Princess Twilight Sparkle preaching about friendship and all that stuff, he duels to show her how much her "Friendship" and "trust" is only holding her back and making her weak.

It's a little bit of reverse-logic. (It's not about feeling better, it's about making other people feel worse.)

Plus, he does have a point. Just because he's a jerk and just because he has a bad attitude, that does not mean he's a weak player, and he still manages to win games, because in reality... the power of friendship has very little to do with gameplay (There's no such thing as HEART OF THE CARDS)

Masquerade *The Girls* "Your friendship and harmony has availed you naught. You are nothing more than lambs trying to fight a lion!"

He's showing them what it's like to live in the real world (A WORLD OF HURT) His pain now becomes your pain!

Because of his many failures and pain, He doesn't seek happiness anymore, or love, or a comfortable life. Those things will never be his (Especially if I don't allow it) he was denied and deprived too many times.

]Princess Twilight Sparkle: "You need to give the Titans a chance! (Can you let me if for just a minute?)"

Masquerade: "I gave them a chance (I let you in) years ago, and it's brought me nothing but pain!"

All he cares about is Power!! It's all he has that keeps him going, and it's all he has to believe in, and it's done more for him that trust and friendship ever have!

Pinkie: "Lighten up. I mean Come on! You and I are fighting a great duel here. So relax and have fun."

Masquerade: "... I don't have fun!" (Fun and joy died with his morality) "...I duel and play games to gain power, wealth, and to be the best, not to have fun!"

...He just doesn't trust people anymore, and he never wants to give the Titans another chance, or take Terra back, no matter how much she professes her supposed "Love" for him. She had her chance, they all did, and now...

Beast Boy: "...Too late! Five years too late!"

Even if he has to go against his pride, and help the gang out (Which he will have to come Season 2) he makes it perfectly clear that they are not friends again, he does not forgive the titans, he doesn't trust the girls, and as soon as the job is done, they're finished.

Dimitri (Anastasia 1997) "We’re going to go through with this as if nothing has changed."

(I love that philosophy and way of thinking)

Beast Boy isn't "Beast Boy" That part of him is gone, and he never wants to be that again.

Masquerade: "Things Change, Terra! The guy you want me to be is just a memory."

*Terra looks crushed and devastated*

she's hurt, and he knows the feeling too well.

"I'm a not a hero. I'm not out to save the world. I'm a pro-gamer, and now I'm off to my next appointment."

...Serves her right. She didn't LOSE him, she THREW HIM AWAY (Big difference) Kicking him to the curb and telling him to stay out of her life and that she wanted to move on-- just like that.

How do you expect him to feel?

(After Things Change) Well, I don't expect him to keep stalking her...

I expect-- No... that's not the right word-- I DEMAND he

-Live a miserable, pointless, unfulfilling life full of pain.
-Become a success but remain bitter, cynical and dark

...I do not wish he get over it, get better from the pain, move on, and be happy again.

Nope... this is HIS PUNISHMENT for willingly giving up on Terra, and letting the Titans get away with bad attitude towards him (Preferably Raven being a bitch) I'm beating him up like the pathetic piece of trash I see him as for trying to move on in a way I don't approve.

-Growing up
-Getting a job
-letting go of the past
-moving on from Terra

...They mean nothing to me, and I'm not budging.

even with all those things up there... "You are NOTHING to me... therefore you shall BE nothing!"

*Vaporizes him*

"Send him into the abyss, show him The Dark has... teeth!"

Right now, if he wants to remain Rich and Powerful and be able to care for himself... THIS is how he will remain. He's never going back to the Titans, nor will he fall from his pedestal. (even if by some miracle he legitimately loses a game... which he won't, that I promise you)

even if he does legitimate donate to save Jump City, or helps people out of kindness... nothing will change for him. People are still not to open up to him, give him thanks, or think highly of him.

-He saves your life... "You don't care"
-He donated to your charity "We don't want your money, you're green."
-He saves an entire city from disaster... the other Titans get all the credit and praise, and he gets nothing.

...He is to be miserable and gain hardly anything from kind acts, and whatever good things he MIGHT gain form kind acts, they will be taken from him. That is who he is now...


As Masquerade, he doesn't need friendship, nor does he believe in it. He doesn't want to be a hero, doesn't want to go back to the Titans... and he DOESN'T want Terra. He'll send her packing the same way she kicked him out!

...Revenge well done!

(Only someone serious, upset, lonely... can have this theme for closing credits)

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