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Top 15 Worst MLP/Equestria Girls Characters · 10:51am July 7th

I'm on a roll with these countdowns.

After much consideration of what order to place each of them in, here are my picks for the top 15 worst characters in Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls. Don't worry, the best characters list will be next. Gotta save the positive stuff for last.


Garble, pre-Season 9

He may have gotten some development in the last season but he was still your bland run-of-the-mill jerk in his earlier appearances.

Quibble Pants, pre-Season 9

Thankfully he got a much better characterisation in Common Ground. But before that, Patton Oswalt played the role of “whiny nitpicking fanbrat who never shuts up about things being 'not realistic enough’” too well.

Zesty Gourmand

God, I hate straw critics.

Y'know, critic characters in films/cartoons who get villainised and portrayed as stuck-up, self-serving narcissists who put others down for their own benefit rather than people who are simply doing their jobs.


The Dazzlings were a red herring for this?

K-Lo and Su-Z being slightly better villains than Juniper Montage, Wallflower Blush and Vignette Valencia isn't really an improvement when they're still bland as shit.

Principal Cinch

Awesome villain song aside, Principal Cinch was nothing more than a poor man’s Dolores Umbridge.

Sure, she was necessary for kick-starting Sci-Twi’s peer pressure and eventual transformation into Midnight Sparkle but at the end of the day, she was still dull as crap and not nearly as interesting as Sci-Twi’s character.


I like Michael Peña and I’m glad he had fun improvising most of his dialogue, but Grubber was so pointless and annoying. I didn’t laugh, chuckle or even crack a smile during any of his scenes.

The Pillars

What was the point of these guys?

No, seriously, what purpose did these bland-as-oatmeal characters serve besides satisfying the lore-obsessed nutcases in the brony fandom who desperately wanted but didn't need to see Star Swirl make an appearance?

Alright, now onto the countdown!


Lightning Dust

Ever wondered what Rainbow Dash would be like if she had no loyalty or heart of gold?

Probably like this uncaring bitch who endangered her teammates and pulled an extremely reckless stunt that almost got a group of civilians killed and shrugged it off with "Yeah, but they survived, didn't they?" and then, in future, assembled a jackass team of Wonderbolt dropouts who do practically suicidal stunts with zero safety precautions, even got a literal child involved and forced her to do a dangerous stunt that could’ve seriously injured or killed her had Rainbow not intervened.



Oh, perfect, it’s Starlight Glimmer as a child. An unsympathetic, moping little turd who spends all of Marks and Recreation spewing her usual platitudes of “Waaah, cutie marks bad!”


Prince Rutherford

It's one thing to hate literally everything your hosts do for you, it's another to throw a tantrum and destroy their property and belongings just because it's not exactly like home, and then declare war on them.

Not to mention his stubbornness and pride that almost resulted in his people freezing to death in Not Asking For Trouble.

Why anyone would want to befriend this manbaby is beyond me.


Babs Seed

That's right, kids. Having a sob story of being bullied completely excuses your cousin's own bullying and spares her any punishment whatsoever, even if she immediately starts bullying you without any hesitation, shows little to no remorse while bullying you, spends every moment practically hunting you to ruin your day and her bullying is arguably worse than your previous bully.


Spitfire and the Wonderbolts

Whether you look at the Wonderbolts as the Pony equivalent of the Blue Angels or the military, I still to this day have no clue why Rainbow Dash ever looked up to or wanted to join these self-entitled, disrespectful dickheads who throw their own teammates under the tracks and claim that “hazing is part of the job so just shut up and take it”.

Rainbow doesn’t deserve this shit, she’s a better person than all of them combined.


Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles

Glad my parents were never like these obnoxious jackasses.

Constantly disrespecting their daughter’s privacy, humiliating and annoying her, making her uncomfortable and can’t leave her alone for five minutes, yet they don’t have to learn a lesson to stop doing that shit because the episode instead shames Rainbow Dash for rightfully calling them out on it.


Firelight and Stellar Flare

Hey, what if Rainbow Dash’s parents weren’t overenthusiastic man-children but instead were even worse?

As in, a patronising creep who infantilises his own daughter and a condescending bitch who keeps lifting her son’s cloak to look at his ass, both of whom have no respect for their children’s personal space and frankly shouldn’t be allowed to be parents at all?


Diamond Tiara

Her redemption was crap and so was Crusaders of the Lost Mark for contriving excuses for her horrible behaviour, trying to shift the blame onto her mother and make me feel sympathy for a bully who’s done nothing to earn any.

Yes, it’s true that some bullies in real life are the way they are because of a bad family life, but their victims are not obligated to give a shit about their issues at home or reach out to them after all the suffering they’ve endured.

We had to put up with multiple seasons of Diamond Tiara relentlessly tormenting the CMC and being a loathsome brat every time she was onscreen for years. She’s been nothing but an unpleasant little wretch from the word go, and then the writers stapled “I’m sad, give me pity” onto her personality at the last minute. And then they did nothing else with her or Silver Spoon after Season 5.

In hindsight, her bad redemption was a dark omen of things to come…


Tempest Shadow

Forcing poorly-done, unearned redemptions on a schoolyard bully is one thing. What about redeeming a violent terrorist who turned evil and teamed up with a tyrant to subjugate her own kind... all because she lost two friends as a child?

Actual tragic backstories for villains are things like “I grew up in slavery” or “my family was killed in front of me”, not pathetic shit like “my friends wouldn’t play with me”. Yes, I’m aware her friends ostracised her because of her haywire magic but here’s the thing: that only happened once. And she didn’t bother to make new friends or see a doctor about her unstable magic, even though Equestria’s been shown to have spells capable of reining in unstable magic.

The sad thing is that I actually really liked Tempest at first and found her a legitimately cool and threatening villain until her song in the third act revealed her to be just another Starlight Glimmer: a bitter and petulant pony who got screwed over one time as a kid, grew up still bitter and angry over it, took it out on the world and then, after doing so many awful things, was easily reformed because of a single act of charity from Twilight (further implying she never even tried making new friends) and got forgiven by everyone with no consequences for her villainous actions. It’s ironic that one of the lyrics in her song is “it’s time to grow up and get wise” considering Tempest was the one who threw a tantrum and made everyone else suffer for it.

Can cartoons just take a break from this villain archetype please?


Cozy Glow

Without a doubt, the most pointless villain in the entire show.

Chrysalis or Neighsay could’ve easily filled her role in Season 8. Hell, if the show staff wanted to have a straight-up evil villain again who actually got punished for her crimes, there was literally no reason to make her a child.

“Hey! Hey, guys! What if we, like, locked up a CHILD in hell and then turned her to stone for all eternity? Lolz, aren’t we edgy?”

Jim Miller flat-out admitted that they just wanted to surprise the audience with a pointless twist. It’s almost hilarious that the writers thought it was acceptable to throw a child in hell just because she didn’t feel remorse while they let adult villains get off scot-free for horrific crimes all because they said "I'm sowwy, we cool?".

I think I've gone into enough details about her problems here.


Vignette Valencia

Why did this bitch even need to be in Rollercoaster of Friendship?

If she was just Rarity’s overbearing boss who was an antagonist in the background and nothing more, that wouldn’t have been too bad.

But no, she’s yet another boring villain who went extremely over the line, flashy-thinged the Humane Seven into her phone, flat-out admitted she didn't know or care whether they got zapped into the internet or erased from existence, was two seconds away from teleporting a crowd into a tiny room where they would have been crushed to death and yet got forgiven way too easily for her horrible actions just because she said “sorry, my bad” and it turned out at the last minute “aww, she’s sad because she just wants a friend even though she had zero redeeming qualities up to that point”.


Juniper Montage

I think I’ve said enough about this petty, selfish, worthless waste of oxygen.

It’s like ever since Rainbow Rocks came out, villains in the show were no longer allowed to be evil because being evil is fun like Discord, Chrysalis, Tirek, the Storm King or Adagio Dazzle. So for practically every villain they created afterwards, Hasbro resorted to stapling the same faux-sympathetic “I’m bitter/I'm sad/I got screwed over by my friends once so I’m gonna go magic-crazy/destroy the world until someone agrees to be my friend” sobstory onto the most vile villains possible before handing them a snapshot redemption on a silver platter.

It isn’t sympathetic or tragic so much as it is pathetic and boring.



The Pony of Shadows had all the potential to be a classic fun and over-the-top villain like Discord or Tirek.

But instead we got Stygian: a jealous, petty prick who never told the Pillars about how he was feeling like an adult would, went behind their backs and stole their artefacts for no reason, didn’t like that they rightfully gave him consequences for his actions, turned to evil, had the gall to claim that the Pillars wronged him and then turned around at the last second and said “okay, I’m good now, just take that at face value and ignore all my terrible actions”.

Villains who cause their own problems and then take their anger out on others and make it their problem are not sympathetic in the slightest.

Speaking of which…


Wallflower Blush

“Hmm, I’ll use this stone to erase all my awkward social interactions from everyone’s memories."

(does so)

"Ugh! I’m so mad that nobody remembers me despite the fact that it’s literally my own fault! I’ll take my anger out on Sunset by erasing all her friends’ memories of her, even though she’s done nothing to hurt me at all and I have no reason to believe she hasn't changed! But hey, as long as I give a feeble apology and look cute enough to be put onto a body pillow, all the characters and the bronies will instantly forgive me and ignore the fact that I'm such a vile, vindictive and despicable little brat.”


Starlight Glimmer

I’ve said enough about her already so, at the risk of repeating myself, I’ll just let this one go.

And that does it for the worst characters list. But keep an eye out for my top 20 best MLP characters list, coming soon!

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Comments ( 9 )

So out of curiosity how would of you written the Pony of Shadows?

In the same vein as the classic Disney villains like Ursula or Jafar. No Stygian, just an unapologetically villainous entity made out of darkness and just oozing with evilness. Something fun.

Although I get alot of flak for it. Lightning Dust is one of my favourite MLP characters.
I don't disagree that in wonderbolts academy she was reckless, and almost killed civilians. Civilians that had no business entering wonderbolts airspace unannounced. Rainbow helped with the tornado and was not even reprimanded.
And in the washouts. LD owned up to her actions and even rejected Scoots from the team. It wasn't till dash butted in and said some stuff that angered dust enough to let scootaloo join.. Starlight, Cozy and a few others I kinda disagree with shouldn't be on the list. Imo

I share your frustration over all of these characters, and sadly a lot of the problems are symptomatic of the way the show was being written. There was no overarching story worked out beforehand, which is why stuff like Spoilt Bich- sorry, Rich, came out of nowhere. It would've worked better to have at least foreshadowed some of it.

Similarly, Babs just screams 'wasted opportunity'.

Honestly I love Wallflower. Yes I know she is a moron with what she did but her stituation of always feeling invisible really hits home for me. Also I get that the instent forgiveness is annoying but I see it like this, what punishment could they have given her that would have worked. They can’t send her to jail and it isn’t like Sunset when she could be shunned by the students, doing that would have put her back where she started. In this case doing the whole “we friends now” is the right thing to do.

Also Timber needs to be on here. That asshole used his girlfriend as a fucking shield


Also I get that the instent forgiveness is annoying but I see it like this, what punishment could they have given her that would have worked.

Punch her in the face. Give her a year's detention. Expell her. Rewrite her character from scratch and not do a snapshot redemption for an absolute scumbag for the sixth time in a row.

Looks like I’m not the only one who dislikes the Pillars.

I have mixed feelings about the Pillars and Tempest Shadow overall, but I do agree to an extent that the rest of the Pillars seem a bit unnecessary considering that all the show ever talked about up to that point was Starswirl and his accomplishments.

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