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So... Pony Life · 12:01am July 7th

My question is... why? Who thought this was a good idea?

It’s like the producers took everything I didn’t like about the original characters and amplified those characteristics. For instance, I like Rarity as a character overall, but her dramatic personality was always pretty annoying to me. Now, she literally faints at least twice within the first ten minutes. And Rainbow Dash has always been competitive, but not to the point of insane rage like that.

Overall, this show is Hasbro cashing in on a new design while not actually caring about the show’s content. It’s basically Teen Titans Go! all over again.

And what’s worse, DuckTales season 3 is on hiatus! That doesn’t really having anything to do with this, I’m just upset about it

If you like this show, fine, watch it. But to me, it’s garbage in its purest form. People complain that seasons 8 and 9 were a bit too mainstream compared to earlier seasons, and while I do agree with this, they at least kinda maintained the show’s original purpose. Pony Life is literally just for marketing. There’s no good reason to watch it

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Comments ( 7 )

I'm 100% agreed with you on this.

I refuses to watch any cartoon that feel too much like TTG like Powerpuff Girls reboot, Thundercats Roar and.... :facehoof: Ben 10 reboot and Pony Life is no exception.

This is coming from a guy who absolutely despises Teen Titans Go and I prefer the original Teen Titans any day.

It's very frustrating for me because like Hasbro, the network are obviously greenlit those shows for money and focus more on kid audience.

What the hell happened of the day of making a cartoon that not only appeal to kid but also for older audiences? I missed that day!

Sorry for my rant but I just get very frustrated when every cartoons tried to be like TTG than standing on their own.

I hope we get more content from G5 ponies than Pony Life (Pony Life is transitional period between G4 ponies (FIM Show) and G5 ponies (The upcoming movie is said to kick off G5 Ponies).) That way we can move on from Pony Life.

Agreed. Pony life is just a way to squeeze more cash and toys out of the popularity of G4 before G5 comes along.

The Animation is garbage, The character design is Garbage, The Stories are Garbage and most of their personalities are Garbage.
Its Nothing but a cheap lazy cash grab.

When my 6 year old who LOVES MLP (all the generations)( thank you The Toys that made Us) ask what's wrong with the ponies and if changlings got them or discord made them mean again looking for a deeper story, when said six year old asks if the cartoon drawerers (yes I know the spelling) are sick because of the bad germs, when she walks away from ANYTHING MLP and I can't even put it nice you fucked up hard. Hopefully G5 has more substance and quality because the audience your trying to target is unimpressed.

Reboot shows like Teen Titans Go!, Powerpuff Girls, and Pony Life are all examples of stupid producers who simply want to make money off the little kid majority who, for some reason, loves it, without actually putting quality into their content. One of the few examples of this I can think of is DuckTales. At least those people actually take the time to make sure their content is good.

And what’s worse, G4 literally just ended, and Hasbro didn’t even wait a month to release the teaser for the reboot

I totally feel you. Younger generations will be pushed away from MLP for good, which sucks because the actual G4 was really good in its first couple seasons

Here's my pet name for when I bash on Pony Life: Pony CRAP Life.

How's that? :)

Oh God, what have I done?

You did nothing wrong. ;3

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