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Yu-gi-oh E-quest (How does Masquerade Take care of himself?) · 4:51pm Jul 6th, 2020

"Things Change! The guy you want me to be is just a memory."

Masquerade is Beast Boy, and he has changed very much since the end of the Teen Titans series (In my fiction) Because of being betrayed far too often, lack of respect (By his teammates, and people he tries to help) tragedies, and heartbreaks, he abandoned the team and heroism altogether... having snapped out of morality.

Now, 5 years later, Beast Boy/Masquerade (Now 20-21) has made a success out of himself as one of the world's strongest pro-gamers.

Everything from video games...

To table top games...


Brain teasers...

especially Card Games.

or even the Math-a-thon (where he defeated Sci-Twi)

anything at all that is like a game or competition, he excels in it due to extensive knowledge from years and years (Prior) of gaming and knowing about them.

Because of all this, he has earned a lot of money for himself... (Not SUPER DUPER RICH like a emperor, but rather NEW MONEY)

-He enters so many tournaments that offer cash prizes.
-He works for gaming companies, giving Q&A testings or helping the programming.
-He's collected many rare and valuable cards over his years of dueling, some of which he sells at auction the highest bidder
-He sometimes is hired to substitute for other gamers (Usually being promised a cash settlement just for doing so)

The Friendship Cup Tournament is just one of his many STOP-OVERS in his busy schedule in life.

Masquerade: "I've won every single Dueling tournament in America and Overseas... this one should be a breeze."

Once the SUPPOSED tournament is over, he's off to his next engagement. (another tournament, a job, or a paid assignment)

He's got it made!

He's plenty rich to keep himself going, maybe for life (Provided he doesn't recklessly spend his money)

That's why, even though he has all this cash, what does he do with it...

Masquerade: "...As little as possible. Got to make it last."

This is why he doesn't have a place of his own (No house, no apartment, no residence whatsoever)

-It would cost too much money to maintain
-If people found out where he lived, they'd be hounding on him like crazy

Besides, because of his busy life, wandering from place to place between tournaments, jobs, and gigs, he never really stays in one place very long. So he can't really settle down anywhere, making it pointless to get a permanent home. (And he doesn't have to pay rent or bills)

Wherever he goes, he puts himself up in a motel, nothing rich or fancy, just enough to get him through his stay.

He goes out to eat at stands and restaurants.

He even eats meat now. Because he snapped out of morality, he stopped caring about the animals and their rights and all that too.

When he eats, he never removes his mask...

He cuts his food into very small pieces with plastic cutlery, and then softly lifts his mask up just a smidge to slip it through to his mouth, and drinks his drinks through a straw, and when he's ready to leave, he takes all the scraps with him (The disposable cutlery, straw, left over crumbs) and he tosses them somewhere privately (Like a big dumpster)

When he goes into a bathroom, he still doesn't remove his mask.

Because he's wearing gloves, he can't and doesn't really wash his hands. Instead he wets a paper towel and softly pats his gloves and then dries them.

To wash his face, the same thing with a wet paper towel and lifting up the mask slightly (The mask STAYS ON)

But as for showering and washing his clothes, or brushing his teeth... that can be tricky.

The two electrodes attached to his head, underneath his mask, they prevent him from appearing on camera or being detected by any computerized equipment, and also makes him impervious to most kinds of magic (Even Raven's power has no effect on him now)

It's not just his face that stays covered, but every single INCH of him. Not any part of his body is visible, not even his hair, or his eyes. Spotting even an inch of his green skin would blow his cover instantly, plus, he himself does not wish to look upon ANY part of his body, especially his face. (He hasn't seen his face in years) more on that another time.

First of all, he uses complimentary items the motel provides (Some places do) and the electrodes on his head are waterproof, and shock resistant.

Because of his mutation, his hair doesn't grow too long. He can cut it shorter, or shave himself bald, but as his grows out again, it will only return to that same length... it won't get any longer.

Or if that's not the case and he does need a haircut because of discomfort, he'll have to do it himself (He can't risk going to a salon) So he does it in his motel bathroom (Usually one that has no window) This way, he can turn out the lights and be in total darkness so he can't see himself in the mirror, and anyone trying to peep on him physically can't see him as well. then it's just a matter of running his fingers through his hair and feeling where he needs to cut it, or just buzz it until it's short and fuzzy enough, as for the hair that falls in the floor, he cleans it up himself, and disposes of it himself.

Being in the total darkness allows him to shower too, without being physically seen, he just feels around for things, like a blind person

Masquerade: "I've mastered so many games and hand-eye coordination, some things I co blindfolded."

As for washing his outfit, since it's the only outfit he has, his only option is to softly scrub it with damp clothes and leave it to dry, or resort to using the radiators or complimentary hairdryers.

As for when he sleeps, he never sleeps IN a bed, but rather ON it, or curled up on a sofa or chair... and he is fully dressed, mask and all.

He sleeps using a round-the-clock rotor-system, an hour on, an hour off. (Not just at night, because his matches were usually won quickly and he didn't have to stick around he go off by himself and do as pleased, including rest) This way he can be wary of people who may try to sneak up on him at night to attack or unmask him.

In between breaks, he does other activities...

-Workout at a gym, or in the fields
-Hanging out at game halls and arcades
-Studying at the library

...But that's pretty much how his basic life is. He's got money, he's got fame, people respect/fear him, as they should, he's not some push over for people to smack in the head or call "Stupid" or regard as some lousy goofball who will never amount to anything and won't be anything but. More on that another time too.

...He's got it made just fine, and better than anything he had before, but his cold and harsh attitude is another story, and will be dealt with another blog.

PS: Yes, it is possible to play games blindfolded, if you're THAT GOOD, and I'll show you.

This guy is playing SUPER MARIO WORLD Blindfolded...

He knows where everything is in the game... so the trick is...

-Follow the sound and timing of the music
-Note different sounds on the screen
-memorize the motions of the controls and what happens when you play them just right.

...That's how it's done.

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