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This is my quest. To follow that star! No matter how hopeless, no matter how far.

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    Equestria is in ruins after a surprise attack by a reinvigorated Chrysalis. The Elements of Harmony are gone, leaving only one thing to bring Chrysalis to account for her crimes. The Element of Vengeance.
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Regarding recent events and depictions. · 8:05pm July 4th

Recently, there have been attempts to "create a dialog" or "have a discussion" about whether Nazis or Nazism should be in any way portrayed, written about or depicted on this site. It has been said that to deny this would be to deny free speech. To prevent the free exchange of ideas. My response is as follows:

No Nazis, period. No Nazism, period.

First, this discussion has already been had on a global scale. We called it World War 2, and everyone went to it. Millions died in it. Nazism and those who follow it were rightly judged as pariahs and the enemies of civilization. Murders not just on a national scale, but on a continental one. The proofs are legion and indisputable.

Second, there is no freedom of speech when it comes to Nazism. My home of Canada has criminalized it as it falls under hate speech and the advocation of genocide. The law has been challenged in our Supreme Court multiple times and has been upheld each time. Germany also has criminalized any expressions of Nazism.

Thirdly, this is personal. My sole surviving grandparent was a member of the Royal Canadian Navy onboard one of the many escort corvettes on Atlantic convoy duty. My mother's parents and grandparents experienced war and it's hardships directly. To in any way have any knowing connection to Nazism is to spit in the face of all they went through.

My father was Ukrainian. The Nazis burned, raped and slaughtered wholesale people who share my name and blood. The graves of my kin, killed by Nazi bullets, dot the landscape of Eastern Europe. To in any way have any knowing connection to Nazism, is to squat down and take a shit on their tombstones.

And just to be clear, I hate all that Lenin and Stalin stood for with an equal fury. But we are not speaking of them here. Here, for the moment, I am speaking about the Nazis.

I will not allow myself to be part of a website that permits these monstrous individuals a safe harbor. I will however, wait to see if such attempts at depictions continue, and whether or not this site creates a policy in regards to this that I can accept. If I cannot, the only option left to me that I can stomach will be to remove all of my content from this website and move it to another.

It is not a move I wish to undertake, but if I do so it will be without pity or remorse.

Usually at this point, I would apologize for being confrontational or being in people's faces. But not this time. Not this time.

Report Penalt · 192 views · Story: Fury · #nazi #nazism #leave #principle
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Comments ( 12 )

What idiocy are people dredging up now? I swear it's getting so you can't swing a dead cat in here without hitting some offended libertine. Once again I'm glad I'm not present on any form of social media.

Can we still shoot/punch/other the Nazis? Because there's this one story out there about Captain America finding/adopting a unicorn colt circa WW2...

These idiots confuse me. Why are they even here? Their message doesn't even fit the theme of the fandom.

If you move please inform us what website you're moving to.

Bronies originally came from /b/: the internets temple of free speech. We’ve mellowed since then but the values carry on in the community. For myself I can appreciate your arguments but I know what side of this fence I fall on.

Nazis just aren’t something I care that much about. The real ones were soundly beaten and everything they stood for destroyed; good riddance. (They did have those classy uniforms though...) The modern ones are just a bunch of disorganized punks and trolls, not really worth caring about either way. Free speech really IS worth caring about though, threats to it are everywhere and must be resisted vigorously! You write some stuff that’s pretty ‘out there’ (in a great way!) yourself, there are people out there who would love to shut you up. To my mind it’s ridiculous to compromise such a sacred principle for such a trivial group. They’re not even close to being worth it.

The real Nazis were quite enthusiastic censors themselves though. Are you certain you want to make it your business what other people talk about, and thus put yourself amongst them on this very issue?

Seems to me he's very certain.

Penalt #8 · July 4th · · 2 ·

Certain enough that I'm willing to lose four years of writing and nearly three quarters of a million words, if need be. Certain enough that I'm willing to give up the minor income I do get from writing. Certain enough that I'm willing to give up a fulfilled dream, if that's what it takes.

Compared to what others gave up to stop Nazism. It's an insignificant price to pay.

And as I pointed out, freedom of speech isn't without limits. I quote to you the very first line in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

The utter squelching of Nazism has been demonstrably justified.

Penalt #9 · July 4th · · 1 ·

As I said, I'd rather not, as FimFiction is by far the superior product. But if I do have to move, I will let people know in advance and it would probably be to either AO3 or FanFiction.

keroko #10 · July 4th · · 1 ·

It's called the paradox of tolerance: defending tolerance requires you not to tolerate the intolerant. Extending unlimited tolerance to the intolerant is merely an invitation for the tolerant to be expunged, and tolerance with them. This is not just actual history with those very Nazis being a grim but powerful example of this very thing happening, but also something we see around the internet. Racist boards or groups that preach others to be tolerant of them are more often that not extremely intolerant to others who do not share their views and will ban you or chase you away if they can.

Now having said that, there is a vast difference between discussing the merits of Nazi ideology, and having a story that has Nazis in it. 5301200 already mentioned A New Brand of Freedom, which is little more than a fun story about Captain America adopting a unicorn and punching Nazis in WW2. It doesn't try to be an in-depth analysis of the merits of Nazi ideology, it's just a fun story of Captain America and his adopted unicorn son fighting Nazis.

Ideologies like Nazism, white supremacy, and so on, both logically and historically play out to horrifying levels of violence on every scale.

Incitement to commit crime, particularly violent crime, is a generally agreed-upon exception to free speech laws worldwide.

8chan, perhaps currently or recently the biggest extreme 'free speech' online community, is under criminal investigation and legal scrutiny in multiple countries due to its glorification and encouragement of recent mass shooters who were explicitly motivated by extreme ideologies (generally white supremacy), ideologies which are bandied about freely and loudly on the platform. (The connections run deeper than that, but I think google would turn up better explanations than I could present here.)

If nothing else, it says a lot about what the entire world thinks of your argument.

Edit: And /b/ is what got 4chan in trouble for hosting things like child pornography, to name one of the more extreme examples. It's not a great role model.

Spoken like a true manipulative ass Nazi.

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