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Peace, passion. Strength, knowledge. Power, serenity. Victory, harmony. Freedom, the Force. I am neither Sith nor Jedi, I am Kallig. I am one with the Force in life and in death.

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Off Site Story · 6:59pm July 3rd

So, I'm planning a Star Wars fanfiction on Fanfiction(the website), and I'm looking for opinions on an OC's backstory. Here's what I've got so far.

Born on his species' homeworld of Hoth, the Wampa that would become Lord Carnage was unusually big, even for a Wampa, standing at almost 4.5 meters. Somehow, the semi-sentient ice creature was born with Force-sensitivity. He used his gift to help him hunt for his tribe. When the Jedi learned of a Force-sensitive Wampa, they became increasingly worried that it would be an easy target for the Sith to corrupt it to the Dark side. When the Jedi approached the Wampa, he slaughtered them all and consumed their bodies, strengthening his power in the Force. After the only survivor of the mission returned and told the Jedi Council what happened, no further attempts were made by the Jedi Order to convince him into joining the Jedi Order, calling it an abomination of the Force. Eventually, a Sith Lord named Lord Krayt, the former apprentice of Darth Severus, found the Wampa and was able to defeat him. However, she chose not to kill him and instead have him sent to Korriban for proper Sith training. Most acolytes and even a few Sith Lords were terrified of the idea of a Wampa being able to wield the Force and constantly avoided him. During his trials in the tombs, he slaughtered failed and traitorous acolytes and consumed them as he did with the Jedi on Hoth. After 2 years of training, the Wampa passed all his trials and became the apprentice of Lord Krayt.

Can you imagine anything scarier than a Wampa being a Sith? Just the thought sends shivers down my spine. Anyway, tell me what you think of the OC's backstory, as well as suggestions for a proper name, and possibly some sort of clothing, not sure if he should wear traditional Sith robes

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