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Carnation Sneak Peek: Ch. 7 · 1:35pm Jul 3rd, 2020

Let it never be said that Vis-A-Vis strays from a schedule long. Behold, a sneak scene from Carnation's newest chapter.

Also, stay tuned, folks; I'll soon be providing an opportunity for you to call up more brilliant work from this filly armed and operation battlestation of writing in the upcoming weeks. Second as I get the price ranges and no-go lists right.

“Then after we extract Gympis' Equilixir, the next one's should be Goldilock. Apologies, but balancing this new superpower and your current duties may prove overwhelming.” Cadance’s eyes swept back to the statue.  “And from what Roseluck told me of her sleeping habit, it makes me question how she’ll take breaking news.”

Goldilock's eyes widened slightly, but she gave no objection to this.

“You can count on me to help her.” Cori quickly nodded. “Not, let’s see if Ambassador Sapphire Joy’s find was worth it.” 

Princess Candace nodded, her horn aglow as she approached the statue of Queen Twilight. Between them, Princess Gympis stood at attention, the ebbing waves of her Thestrelization standing out amongst her chitin. The statue’s eyes glowed, and that very golden pallor slowly - almost as slowly as the grin spreading on Shining Armor’s face.

And then the doors to the throneroom burst open. The spiraling figure of a crimson pony soon flew the length of the chamber, coming to a plasma-spreading halt in front of Goldilock. Cori screamed. Gympis was first to recognize the splintered pet and wings that her form had crushed underhoof as it slowly stirred in agony.

Viscera! What are you doing here?!” 

“Wait, How is she here? How did she even get past the barrier!?" And the Princess Cadance’s view along Viscera''s flight trajectory led her outside of the room -and to a very familiar alicorn, still struggling on the edge of her erected barrier. “Queen Twilight?! How’d you get this clo-”

The only thing that kept the ensuing scene from being a complete tragedy was the fact that Princess Cadance’s neck craned out at the sight of Queen Twilight slowly retracing her horn from her sorcerous veil. 

As it was, Gympis, Goldilock, and Cori would only be haunted by the sight of Shining Armor turning, leveling his horn, and blowing off the front edge of Cadance’s column with a thin beam of sickly green light. The place the beam was aimed before she’d stuck up forward, however, originally place that beam’s path through her skull, which would have killed instead of heavily wounded her. 

Cori was too shocked by the sight of her idol mutilating his wife to react. Goldilock held no such reservation and leaped to strike. His horn lit up to shield the flying barrage of golden claws from the winged Thestrel, but it left him open to Gympis‘ follow-up charge into his flanks. Skidding along the hallway’s glittering floor, Shining’s horn ignited dangerously. 

The two nearest Crystal Guards were separated from two of their armor-plated limbs and a large portion of their barrel, bought between the intensified shield he threw up. The others stood back and fired lasers at the shield as their comrades dissected halves squished red stains into the floor surrounding Shining's shield.

The bubble of mystic energy didn't give; unlike the visage of the murderous unicorn, his white coat fading away to charcoal-colored chitin and the wicked face of Prince Toxic Haze. 

“Really have to switch up our agents, piss-ponies,” he cruelly leered at them. Behind the changeling prince, a reverberating cackle invaded the room, before several cracks showed up in the fuchsia forcefield a door’s length away.

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