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Nature Pastel

I'm a girl, another pony fan who writes about life in Equestria. I also love animals and have been known to hug trees in the past.

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    I'M BACK!!!

    No, I haven't had Covid in case you were wondering. Life's just got in the way, so I haven't uploaded any content for a while. My proofreader for Spread My Wings And Fly now knows that I'm back, and I'll be working to get the next chapter out as soon as possible. Quick question: would you rather one huge chapter featuring the fundraising event, or several short ones?

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    25 followers! (not including someone who's banned for some reason)

    Yay! Thanks for the follows everyone! What should I do for 50 followers?

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    Just a quick question...

    There are a lot of overpowered OCs in the fandom. If they were canon characters, how would you explain their extreme power?

    This is definitely only hypothetical...

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    What Would You Think...

    Just wondering what kind of stories are your favourites.

    1. What's your favourite genre?
    2. What prank would you love somepony to play on Starlight Glimmer?
    3. What do you think of Corrupted Twilight fanfiction stories?

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    Spread My Wings And Fly: A Timeline

    In case anyone is unsure of the timeline of events in Spread My Wings And Fly, I've written the basics here. As time goes on, I will add the events in the story, and there will be spoilers, I would read the story first if I were you.

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What Would You Think... · 1:11pm July 3rd

Just wondering what kind of stories are your favourites.

  1. What's your favourite genre?
  2. What prank would you love somepony to play on Starlight Glimmer?
  3. What do you think of Corrupted Twilight fanfiction stories?
  4. If you were writing about Twilight's corruption, how would you corrupt her? Turn her into a vampire? A siren? A changeling? Would you make her join Sombra or Nightmare Moon's side? Or something else?
  5. Who's your favourite main character? (Has been an important character but not a villain in at least one episode.)
  6. Favourite background character?
  7. And finally, who is your favourite villain?

This is all hypothetical. I was just really curious. I might make a story based on this once I've finished Spread My Wings And Fly and/or The Swish of the Scythe. I know that I want to finish at least one of those before I start any major projects.

You know what? I've been thinking about doing a Corrupted Twilight story for a while. For question 3, please feel free to hand out ideas or say "If you write one of those fics I will downvote it without reading it!" I'm just looking for feedback.

Thank you! :raritystarry:

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Comments ( 2 )

1. Mmm, genre doesn't matter that much to me, as long as it's well written. If I were to choose my favorites, however, I'd pick dark, Sci-Fi, and Romance. Oh, and Slice-of-Life, too.

2. How about good ol' Pinkie Pie's party cannon to the face?

3. They're certainly interesting topics to explore, I daresay! I read this romance story where Twilight is corrupted by Daybreaker after being chased around for a decade(which, for some reason, seems to have been deleted), as well as another where Twilight falls into madness whilst pursuing her quest on knowledge about what it feels like to kill somepony. Oh, and a war trilogy in where Celestia turns into Daybreaker to win against the Changelings, corrupting Twilight in the process.

4. How about a double corruption for Celestia and Twilight? It'd be interesting to see how the pair's former teacher-student relationship would affect the dynamics between the two after Celestia becomes Daybreaker and Twilight falls to... I don't know, Nightmare Moon's student who does not hesitate to use violence or something. Again, I don't know.

5. Twilight Sparkle. Bookhorse is best pony. CHANGE MY MIND.

6. Derpy or Lyra Heartstrings.

7. Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker. They make some very good story material.

1. Romance
2. I'm not sure what I would have said, but after reading SunlightRays's comment, definitely a party cannon to the face.
3. Actually, I've never read one. Sounds interesting though.
4. Probably have her do a mission where she couldn't get past a barrier until she drank a potion. (yes, it's a knock-off of The Half Blood Prince) The potion brings out the worst in her, and when it wears off, she still acts evil because she got 'addicted' to it.
5. Diamond Tiara. I used to hate her (like everyone else), but ever since Crusaders of the Lost Mark, I've loved her character for the massive amount of character development she's had.
6. Vapor Trail. "Aww, sugar cubes!" is hilarious.
7. That's hard... I like Cozy Glow because she was the most unexpected, but she didn't get much of a backstory which was sad. I also like The Pony of Shadows, but he's a bit of a Nightmare Moon knock-off. Maybe Discord? Not sure.

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