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Autumn Moon Art · 6:36am Jul 3rd, 2020

Not Quite Equine was running a stream on twitch to draw OCs and I was able to join and requested Autumn Moon.

I wanted to give a big shout out to Not Quite Equine.:twilightsmile: They did a great job! They were open to feedback and the music was awesome, so if you see their work please check Not Quite Equine out and show them some support!

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Very nice, Autumn looks pretty fierce and I like the added scars.

Right? Not Quite Equine does great work and they were really fun to chat with during the stream :twilightsmile:

I think the additional scars look great too Autumn has way more when she’s older :twilightsmile: and they definitely gave her a fierce look

Werepony in one of my stories (only other one I have :rainbowlaugh:) Not Quite Equine is the artist who took my request I love their style.

I got that. This is just a coincidence I loved.

As someone who can't draw for the life of themselves, I really appreciate artists

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