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    I need someone’s opinion

    What is the worst story you’ve read on here?

    I’m not talking about a trollfic, I’m mean, despite the author’s best attempts, the story is a heaping pile of crap

    Don’t know why I’m asking, just curious

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I need someone’s opinion · 12:27am July 3rd

What is the worst story you’ve read on here?

I’m not talking about a trollfic, I’m mean, despite the author’s best attempts, the story is a heaping pile of crap

Don’t know why I’m asking, just curious

Report Donnnnn · 99 views ·
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Comments ( 10 )

If I had to pick, I don't remember the name, but I would say that the worst one I read was a self-insert HiE story that, after the OC was picked on by bullies in school, he was dragged through some kind of portal to Equestria, met the Mane 6 and then...nothing. The story ended after he met the Mane 6. Not even a sequel was made.

For me it has to be My Sparkle by CaringSlash. it’s a self-insert HiE story where the main protagonist has a crush on Twilight, but is afraid to tell her. When he finally does tell her she just nonchalantly accepts it, and they go out on a date. Then after the date, which is as bland as an unsalted cracker, they go to Twilight’s house and cuddle till they sleep. It’s supposed to be a short story, but there is hardly any emotion and no buildup to anything that happens, making it feel so half-hearted.

Even its sequel, where they get married, feels equally terrible for all the same reasons.

The only other one i read by him is The Shimmer in Her Eye, which is about a boy who has a crush on Sunset Shimmer; just like the others it is done with no emotional buildup. An example of its lack of buildup is this one scene where they all have a slumber party and decided to play Truth or Dare, Sunset is the first one to be chosen and the girls dare her to confess her feelings for the OC on the spot.

I realize I just picked 3 stories, but they all have the same exact problem (zero emotional buildup), and are written by the same person. I hope thats okay 😅

Comment posted by Bumblebeau deleted July 3rd

Oddly enough, I’ve read all of those stories. They do have the problems you pointed out, but I feel there’s something even worse this site has to offer

Ironic, because mine is Following The Rainbow by CaringSlash. Another self-insert HiE story where practically nothing was established and everything happens in the blink of an eye, as evidenced by the fact that both chapters are less than 600 words each.


The Shimmer In Her Eye reminds me a little of my When Dating a Sunset from the grounds on the OC gets a crush on a canon character -- Sunset -- but MUCH more happens in my story.

I guess CaringSlash didn't want to go very deep and just wanted to pair the two together, and that was it.

Honestly, it seems like Caring Slash simply isn’t that great a writer, considering very few of the chapters he/she writes are beyond 600-700 words

There's a whole different story I remembered I would personally rank as one of the worst.

It's one of the types of HiE stories where the ponies are assholes to the human OC. I've read several of these stories with the canon characters being OOC to be the "bad guys", but one takes it even further. In at least one, Twilight wasn't just a bitch, but a bully, and was NOTHING like her canon self.

A number of users like these types of stories (they probably find humans being bad refreshing due to how they are treated nicely in most HiE stories) so this story actually had good ratings.

I have forgotten the title of the story but the MC was such a freakign marry sue


Everything happens in the blink of an eye

Sounds like a Rainbow Dash story alright :rainbowlaugh:

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