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I don't often write, but when I do it normally involves drama. ;)

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Chapter 3 Is Finally Finished! :D · 2:29pm July 1st

Hello everyone!

So like how the title of this blog post says the newest chapter for 'A Surprisingly Pleasurable Hypnotism' is all done and posted for you all to read, hope you all enjoy it and sorry it took me so long to finally get it finished, but with so many things now changing since lockdown is beginning to lift in my area, my life has been a bit all over the place lately. However I have been able to settle back into a routine now, and although I'm not entirely sure when the next chapter will be done, I will try to get it finished as soon as I can, so thank you for your patience and your continued support. :twilightsmile:

That is all!

KillerChiansaw ;)

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