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Potential Contest (Cozy Glow Group) · 2:04am July 1st

Just a quick advertisement for a potential contest. Without ten interested writers, there's no contest, and as of right now we're stalled at six. We have so many talented writers in this community, and with the show no longer producing new content (unless you count Pony Life), it's up to all of us to keep the magic of friendship alive.

And who knows more about the power magic of friendship than Cozy Glow? There will be prizes apparently (Amazon gift codes), but that's of no concern to me. They had me at 'Write a story about Cozy Glow' (it's not like I need an excuse to write about my favorite villain; but this potentially creates more stories about her for me to read which I'm all for). But prizes are a good motivator, and if that's the kind of thing that catches your attention, I'll echo: there will be prizes!

Four more people showing interest means the contest is a 'go'. Even if you're not interested in competing, personally, please consider advertising it to put it out in front of as many eyes as possible.


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Well, if you all are desperate enough, I might throw my hat in, if you really need it. I am a bit hesitant about it, since I can't find many details about it. Could you send a link that has more details please?

Reese #2 · July 1st · · ·

Eh, I went ahead and made a blog post to spread the word a bit. :)
Good luck!

Will joining this cost me my stipend? Only readers of Business Trip and 16 will get that. :rainbowwild:


Flitterheart will share hers if you do! :raritywink:

You're welcome. :)

Yeah that was what I could find. Well I think I will do it.

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