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  • Today
    I just found out that Peter Robbins (VA of Charlie Brown) died

    Goddamnit. Why are all the good people dying?

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  • Tuesday

    Outside, the changelings had been sent outside. Foresight sat in the wagon. Baxter climbed in beside him, followed by Curvature and Lyce. Lyce stretched. “Do you think Chrysalis will settle this whole thing?”

    “More than likely,” Curvature replied, adjusting his glasses.

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  • Tuesday
    That was fast

    Hivehunter walked around Mount Aris, looking for Blue Fang. He stepped through one of the huts, and found the changeling of the hour, laying in a bed. “Blue?”

    “Hm?” Blue sat up, yawning. “Oh! Hive! Uh… what are you doing here?”

    “Well, Ky kinda… forced us to spread out and find you.”

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  • Tuesday
    So I’ve just installed TF2 on my dogshite computer

    Hope I’m not too late lol

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  • Tuesday

    Hero stepped into the living room, his braid now in a bun. “Hey guys? Do you think this bun is working?” he asked, fiddling with it.

    The group stared at him, before Fortuna leaned over. “It’s working in the terms of keeping me a lesbian.”

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Everything Wrong With: · 12:51am Jul 1st, 2020

The Bluest Fangs

This is a joke.


The egg hatchery. The coldest, darkest, and sometimes even most depressing part of the Hive.

Doesn’t sound like a good place for eggs.

Sin Count: 1

The small eggs were protected from the bad conditions by special silk webbing.

So I guess you want me to remove that last sin, well, I’m adding another because what that system fails? What’ll they do then?

Sin Count: 2

The small green eggs began shaking. Two Changelings walked into the small chamber. The one of which was the Queen herself. Chrysalis.

The writer says it as if we’re supposed to expect anyone else.

Sin Count: 3

The other, much younger Changeling was named Brokenwing. He was accompanying the Queen to help with the new hatchlings.

By logic, Brokenwing would be five. Not sure I’d trust him with fragile eggs.

Sin Count: 4

The two Changelings walked through the hatchery. “Mother,” Brokenwing said, “why are we here?”

The “I’m going to call you Mother instead of Queen cliché.

Sin Count: 5

Also, why didn’t she tell why they were coming in the first place?

Sin Count: 6

“You said you were going to help with the hatchlings.”

Why didn’t she tell him sooner?

Sin Count: 7

He nodded, “yes ma’am, but you seem a bit more excited than usual.”

She almost smiled. Brokenwing couldn’t believe it! The Queen of Changelings! Smiling?! The one who had survived long enough to see the Changeling-Pony War. The one who had to watch her sons die, only to sit in the same room with their killers just to sign the Equestria Rules and Laws of Warfare treaty? That wasn’t the Queen Brokenwing knew.

It’s not the one we know either. As far as we know, she’s as cold hearted as ice.

Sin Count: 8

Also, why did we need the information of ERLW Treaty? It’s never brought up again.

Sin Count: 9

“You see Brokenwing, I’ve made a failsafe in case I perish or am captured.” She showed his a special part of the hatchery. She opened a door that seem almost invisible, as if it were made to hide something. She motioned her hoof to it, “well? Take it a look.”

Brokenwing peeked into the room. There, on a small pedestal laid a small egg. Brokenwing was confused. Why would this one egg out of them all be given this form of treatment. “What is this, Mother?”

“My daughter.”

Ah, she has a daughter. I’m sure she’ll get the crown eventually. Right?

Sin Count: 10

She walked towards the egg and picked it up. “Inside this egg is the heir to the throne.” She stroked the top of the egg. “Come on Wing, let’s go get the others.”

So... why does Broken have an ironic nickname?

Sin Count: 11

And... Why does Chrysalis use it?

Sin Count: 12

And... why is it never brought up again?

Sin Count: 13

The two Changelings walked out off the room. “Just in time,” Brokenwing said. The eggs started rattling. The two moved towards the eggs. One-by-one the eggs started hatching. It wasn’t hard to get the Changelings out of the eggs, and counting them wasn’t a problem. The only problem was naming them. Some were easier than others.

The writer doesn’t use this to name of characters like Dagger, Mantis, and Stinger. They are the same age, and it would make sense.

Sin Count: 14

Then all the eggs hatched. All except one. Brokenwing walked over to the small egg. “Come on little guy. You can do it.”

The “Main character is last to leave” cliché

Sin Count: 15

Also, the “cut away before the important moment“ cliché.

Sin Count: 16

Chrysalis let down the last Changeling. “Alright Kydra. That’s the last one,” she said stroking the baby Changeling on her shoulder.

Chrysalis is talking as if Kydra’s gonna answer.

Sin Count: 17

Also, wouldn’t it make sense to have Kydra call Chrysalis “Mother”?

Sin Count: 18

“Mother! We got one more!”

She looked over her shoulder. Brokenwing was holding a small blue fanged Changeling.

“Hmm...” Chrysalis said, “what do you want to name him?”

Brokenwing looked down, “Blue Fang.”

Chrysalis doesn’t name Blue Fang

Sin Count: 19

Also, the “main character gets his name before it ends” cliché.

Sin Count: 20

Story Sin Tally: 20

Sentence: A week in the cold depressing hatchery

What’d you guys think? You want more?

Report MlpHero · 119 views · Story: Blue Fang · #Parody
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Huh. Well, it was interesting

Heh. So, I assume you wanna see more?

I love this!

I would like to see more, it was interesting

Glad to hear!

I mean, just imagine how many sins MTCG would have.

Yeah, if you want to do more I'd be interested in seeing them

Hm... next blog, everything wrong with: [insert MTCG chapter]

Yeah, I’ll probably do some more

Oh, you got to do more of these!

I might do some myself!

What would this be?


Heh. Maybe HeroSins

My phone tried to correct my stupid so hard.
My phone was like: NO! Bad user! I auto correct you!
I was like: NO! Autocorrect not welcome when stupid is wanted.
Fangs in?
My shorts?
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Heh, I know the feeling all too well

Then I was like: Comments just posted by I, I edit you because I can stupid more better that than!

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