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  • 1 week
    I Officially Have My Heart Complete! 💞

    As of tonight, I'm officially together with the most sweet guy on the planet!

    He's been my guardian angel for the last few months, helping me overcome not only my depression but also giving me renewed faith about this world in general!

    He's truly a gift to my world, and I'm happy to have met him!

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    37 comments · 142 views
  • 1 week
    Forgetful's Not So Forgettable Lake Trip! 💞


    I know I've been gone a short while, about a week.

    But I had tons to do so I just decided to take the week off from online and enjoy the experiences that life can bring forth.

    But what I really want to chat about is my trip down to the lake! ~ Squee!!

    Yep, I took a trip out there with my newest friend and her friends.

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    28 comments · 105 views
  • 2 weeks
    The Big 180!

    Nope, I'm not 180 years old.

    But I do have 180 Followers now! :pinkiegasp:

    That's just totes mind shattering!!

    I never did think I'd ever keep people's attention long enough to even break 100, but here we are nearing the mythical 200! 💞

    Well since I'm nearing the Cereal Stage, I guess as a celebration of this milestone...

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  • 3 weeks
    5th Feature!


    I got my 5th Feature on the non mature side of the site.

    Pretty awesome to get on the board again, thank goodness the next few days are open.

    I'll be able to focus on at a few more updates this week.

    Love you all, Forgetful!

    29 comments · 119 views
  • 3 weeks

    I spent like 30 minutes trying to get the search groups bar to do something, turns out I was clicked on My Groups, which I've joined none. So that's why the page kept coming up blank lol.

    Anyway I'm an idiot, just thought I'd share that.

    That was my first ever blog post.

    The foundation of my whole account.

    Good to know...

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    12 comments · 61 views

Found This Picture Online... · 6:29pm June 30th

All I could think about was...

Flurry Heart Hunts Down Ponies With Love Arrows.


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Comments ( 10 )

So a Legolas/Cupid Baby Alicorn...why do you create such interesting concepts? Who is the holy entity that blessed thine body with such magnificent Ideas?

Lol, boredom and sugar.

Baby, you give love a bad name.

Like Mother, like Daughter. XD

The muses had fun with this one!

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