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    The Evil Video Games

    Blaming video games on everything it seems a lot of out of touch morons are doing... or even what humans were like in the past.

    I don't recall Genghis Khan getting angry over losing to a game a Call of Duty and creating the Mongol Empire out of retaliation for example.

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    Strength Training Chapter 3

    Chapter 3 now released.

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    The stroy has been updated.

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    What goes good on pancakes?

    What do you think goes good on pancakes?

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How Small Are The Pony Life Ponies? · 7:16am June 29th

How small are the Pony Life Ponies? When compared to G4 Ponies?

They seem ridiculously small. And Celestia seems so small. She seems to be about the same size as a normal pony. I find it to be heresy that Celestia is so small. She's a big horsey, not a small pony.

Report Bendy · 87 views · #Pony Life
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Comments ( 5 )

Tiny I think one of the episodes they have a bit in the mouth and it’s like the size of one of the hooves .They will be the size of house cats.

That's heresy to me.

Considering that this is practically chibified MLP, expect midget apple size.

Yeah. I am going to avoid it I think.

Unless we get another shot of the eight-foot-tall candy cane, we will never know.

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