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  • 10 weeks

    So I have a Discord account (have for awhile) and I wanted to know if any of y'all wanted to chat there, I know I don't get on here as often as I would like to but things just always feel strange and scary here but I have a lot of people on here I still see as good friends and still want to talk to and stuff, maybe play some games with :D

    So if you have Discord and wanna chat, let me know ^-^

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  • 67 weeks

    Working on my art style and trying to make it look more like how I want it to :D
    I am really happy with how this came out! took me around 5 hours I think

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  • 67 weeks
    cat toys!

    we got the kittens some toys and there was one that Muffin really like, it was this little fuzzy blue thing with feathers on a string and stick and I was playing with her and the toy broke

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  • 67 weeks
    art commissions soon!

    I am planning to open art commissions soon :D
    I am currently working on getting a bank account and when I do I will work on pricing for the commissions :D

    Not sure how to price them so if anyone knows what I should do for it I would love to hear it <3

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  • 67 weeks
    shamless self plug

    I have an insta I am on it everyday, I don't post stories or do things much cause I don't have a tablet so my sis lets me use her's to post sometimes.


    love y'all

    its pretty much Homestuck and the Arcana at this point I am sorry!
    gonna be getting a tablet soon so I hope to post stuff by myself someday :D

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yeeet · 1:00am Jun 29th, 2020

Muffin's kittens are 3 weeks old now and they are so cute my gosh! they are starting to get playful so I gotta get them toys, now place around here has any good kitten toys though, just dog stuff.

my dog dose not enjoy half the toys they have here at all anyways.

all the cats get for toys are catnip mouses (do not want overly hyper kittens running around cause of that stuff XD) and little balls with belles in them.

also playing animal crossing: new horizons :D

my villagers are Renee and Sheldon and I love them a lot, this is the first animal crossing game I have ever played other then pocket camp :D

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squeee!! That sounds so cute!!
Best of luck getting the toys

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