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Brony since 2011. More of an artist, but slowly making my way into becoming a better author too! Known for Age of the Alicorns and Flurry Heart's Story.

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    I mentioned this earlier on DA, but here is a list of upcoming fanfics for Flurry Heart's Story including a short synopses.

    WARNING: May include some spoilers.

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Upcoming FHS story titles and synopses · 12:56am June 29th

I mentioned this earlier on DA, but here is a list of upcoming fanfics for Flurry Heart's Story including a short synopses.

WARNING: May include some spoilers.

  • Elements Assemble (complete) - Tired of her life as a princess, Flurry Heart is sent to Ponyville to start an adventure like her aunt Twilight. She soon finds herself thrown into danger as a horrible beast plagues Ponyville, looking for the Tree of Harmony.
  • Cheesy as Pie - Flurry Heart and the Cake Twins help Cheese Sandwich find a clever way to propose to Pinkie Pie, but he starts to wonder if he can even do it right.
  • Calming of the Storm - Flurry Heart meets Rainbow Dash’s son, Storm Streak, but his daring, mischievous ways end up getting him into trouble.
  • Villains Anonymous - Princess Twilight Sparkle tasks Fluttershy, Discord, Spike and Flurry Heart with reforming an unexpectedly repentant Lord Tirek, who is holding a dark secret about his motives.
  • Apple Family Memories - Flurry Heart is introduced to Applejack’s twins, Apple Chip and Annie Smith, but they are having a hard time coping with the loss of their late great-grandmother, Granny Smith.
  • Dream of Alicornication - Cozy Glow returns once again, aided by her parents and the Alicorn Amulet, to get revenge and Flurry Heart must find a way to stop her.

The order is subject to change, but this is the list of the first few fanfics for the series. I actually have future stories outlined that come after these, but I didn't want to hype too much before they happen. These stories are all meant to help with setting the stage for Flurry and her friends as well as reintroduce the "Trio" villains, though Queen Chrysalis's next appearance story has yet to be revealed.

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Comments ( 4 )

Woah, I didn't realize how much you had planned for this series. That's quite an ambitious list of stories! :pinkiehappy:

This is going to be a fun series.

So looking forward to these when they get posted Alex!😀💖

Wait till you see the synopses for the other stories coming after them! :D

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