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Progress Update for My little Sunspot · 1:38pm Jun 28th, 2020

Currently Sitting at about 1.6k words and I am only about halfway done with this chapter.

So hang in there as by my calculations this chapter is gonna be a long one but again that might be subject to change.

Anyway just wanted to give u guys a update :heart:

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Woah... Day Breaker looks adorable! :yay:

this chapter is gonna be a long one

Eh, I would consider 10k+ long, but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless. Keep up the work! :)

well compared to the other chapters its up there

Not arguing with that one. ;D
I guess I just have a hunger for extra-long chapters, wanting something to read over more than ten minutes at a time. Or perhaps I have clouded myself with how much I tend to write myself. Heck, one of my longest chapters is 30k words long by now and I'm still working on that one... >.>

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