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Help! My Heart is Full of Pony - Saddle Arabians · 6:50am Jun 28th, 2020

Did you notice how every creature in the universe came to Equestria's aid in the final battle of the finale?  

Except the Saddle Arabians we saw in "Magic Duel."  These delegates were among the first foreign dignitaries that Equestria reached out to, but when the chips were down, the Saddle Arabians didn't help us at all.  What gives, Saddle Arabians?



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I guess there wasn't enough fanart of them to justify it.

Huh; I hadn't noticed that.

Did the breezies show up? I don't recall.

Beware of favours from the fey. You never know what the price will be.

...Well, that doesn't answer my question, but does raise a variety of other interesting ones. :D
(Has anyone used that interpretation of the breezies?)

The breezies live in another world.

Right, exactly: and do we actually have any evidence the Saddle Arabians don't in the show? If neither the breezies nor the Saddle Arabians showed up, that seems and interesting potential possibility, it not what we might expect.
(Though there are of course other potential explanations.)
(And I mean, yes, of course, probably the Saddle Arabians just got overlooked by the show-makers or something, but there are reasons I spend so much time with fanfiction. :D)

I'm going to guess "the animators had forgot they existed."

... Two days ago I read a story that had Breezy cameos, and I immediately forgot about their existence until I read your post. They weren't that entertaining in their debut, it wasn't clear why they needed to take such a dangerous trip to Equestria OR why they didn't want to go back home, and the aspect of another dimension was totally unexplored. So weird how they were tied up into the first major plot that ran through a season, but to drop so fast from relevancy.

Although, their episode DID make a big deal about the portal stranding the worlds from each other, so I guess them not coming back is respecting the stakes.

So I checked their wiki page, the Breezies appeared in the send-off song's montage. So it wasn't fair of me to imply the writers literally forgot about them.

Ah, thanks for finding that. So they were there, at least...
(Though I didn't get that implication from the earlier part of your comment, anyway.)

That’s because I took out the statement.

Ah, okay; thanks.

Neighn Eleven happened.

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