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Emi accidentally stole a train. · 4:36am Jun 28th, 2020

The train groaned beneath her. It was slow at first, making more grinding noises than movement. Dust rained down on her head as the entire vehicle shuddered. Another groan rose from underneath, a little higher-pitched this time. One final jolt set it into motion.

"Look outside! We're moving!"

Slowly, they began to pull away from the station, inching ever so slightly further forward with every second.

And then they stopped.

"Wha--" Emily pushed the throttle again, craning her neck for a better view outside. "--why'd it stop?"

"Ay!" a voice shouted from outside. "What're you doing with that railcar?"

Emily almost jumped at the sudden noise that followed. A metallic screech echoed through the air as a nearby garage opened up to reveal a lanky-looking stallion.

"You'd better have a good explanation for yourself, missy," the stallion grumbled, trotting up to the open cab door. "I've seen my fair share of ridiculousness, but trainjacking is on a whole new level. What gives?"

Round of applause, boys.

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