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It’s always darkest before dawn.

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  • 13 weeks
    GTFO is a fun game (B_25's perspective)


    If you can't tell which one is me. Listen to the one that's panicking.

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  • 23 weeks
    Year 21 of Living on this Planet

    'Tis my birthday yet again.

    Woulda been great if I didn't have to celebrate said birthday while God's playing a game of Plague Inc, but I guess we can't be winners all the time, right?

    27 comments · 147 views
  • 30 weeks
    New story is out

    Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. This one's a hard hitter.

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  • 40 weeks
    My Schedule for Next Year

    Tl;dr - I'm planning on writing more shit next year. If you aren't boring like me, that's all you need to know.

    The Mare in the Silver Clocktower will be the next thing I work on. If I work fast I can have a chapter out before the end of the year but don't get your hopes up. I'm only about 15% of the way through it and I work/write slow (as you probably already know).

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  • 51 weeks
    It's Out, My Dudes

    [Adult story embed hidden]

    Go read it. Thanks. :heart:

    2 comments · 120 views

GTFO is a fun game (B_25's perspective) · 12:50am June 28th

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