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TEL Ministry of Image Book Printing + TEL Complete Revamp & temporary unsubmission · 10:27pm June 27th


The awesome folks at MoI have chosen TEL as their next project, and it seems it'll be happening really fast! The MoI edition will have 20 NEW ARTWORKS (not the original ones, though) all spread through two volumes! I will come back here and give you more info once I know it, as well as any pre-ordering methods and all that.

Production is set to start in about three weeks or so, which means that TEL is officially getting a COMPLETE RE-EDIT. Every single chapter will be edited again (mostly copy-edited and some content editing) to make sure it can be the very best version of itself. This miiiiiiight mean I'm taking down the story itself for a little bit, as I feel more comfortable tinkering with it and doing changes out of the public eye. It'll also motivate me to go through the edits faster.

So if you see it down and out, you'll know why.

When I do so, I'll leave a link to the fimfetch on my userpage for people to see.

But yeah!!! I'm really stoked. I know this is something people have wanted for a long time, so it's good to see it happening.

Thanks as always for your support! <3

- Mono

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Comments ( 28 )

Looking forward to it!

It might be good to include the FimFetch link for TEL in The Enchanted Kingdom's description too.

There's going to be all-new art? As much as MoI is known for getting high-quality art for their stories, this makes it confusing on what edition to get. IIRC, the PFP version is supposed to have the original art, yeah? I was hoping the MoI edition would since their color prints are gorgeous and it would be so cool to have the charming illustrations in TEL printed by them.

Now I'm not sure which version to get.

Are you still gonna do your planned print? And if so, how is it going to be different? Just want to make sure I get the best edition, thx!

Felicidades, Mono! Justo estaba pensando en si sería ético imprimir y empastar TEL, porque esta maravilla merece estar en mi repisa. Por lo que veo, ya no será necesario. Espero que hagan envíos a Latinoamérica, me muero por tenerlo.

Congratulations and felicitations! All the best on this auspicious occasion. :pinkiehappy:

Hey, that's dope! I haven't really read the story, but owning a physical copy would be a great motivator. Yet another pony book to add to my collection.

Congrats!! This might end up being my first purchase of printed fic... So excited for you and your work!

That's great! congrats Mono. I know I enjoyed reading TEL, I might have to consider getting a copy for my physical library (maybe not right away, but later on this year as a personal birthday/Christmas present).

I’ve been wanting to read a physical copy of TEL! Aaaaaa ^w^

shut up and take my money!

Where can I get a hard copy?


I absolutely cannot wait to see both editions.

5295970 5295968

Answering to you both since it's related.

PFP version is still happening but both have core differences.

PFP version

  • Three Volumes
  • Will have TEL's original chapter art
  • Cheaper / Material Quality is Good

MoI version

  • High material quality
  • Two volumes
  • All new artwork (20 in total)
  • More expensive / high quality material

We're currently not planning on having the original artwork in the MoI version, mostly to differentiate from the PFP version and make sure they both have something unique!

Awesome! Congratulations :twilightsmile:
I am excited to see this happen

Aside from these providing folks with different options, how are the cyphers going to come out in the MoI version? I mean, they're still part of the original artwork, right?

Site Blogger

PFP's will also come in either hardback or paperback, in case there are folks who prefer paperbacks.

Yay! I can't wait to have both versions in my library. Congratulations, Mono!

How thicc will each volume be though?

HECK YES I'm so excited for this!!!!

Site Blogger

Between (roughly) 340 and 380 pages, depending on the volume. If you own a copy of Mono-Logues, that's ~360 pages, so just picture three of those side-by-side.

That is satisfactory on the book thiccness scale.

Let me give you my money! I want this book very much. I'll be very happy when it goes to print. Yay!

Just started reading TEL day before yesterday, and I already love it enough to say that I'll definitely be getting the book! :raritystarry:

I will need to download it as an Epub, just to make sure I can keep reading if you take it down (thanks for the heads up!!!)

The cyphers don’t play a part in TEL. Those were originally within the text itself, but I ended up editing them out once the book was done

I mean the little one with the dragon in the really early chapters of TEL. There were picture clues that I remember being important to the story, sorry if you thought I meant the old text ones.

Congratulations Mono :pinkiehappy:

Eyyy nice!
Definitely deserving of a proper publish!

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