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MLP lover and writing fics for fun :)

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    Meet my OC

    I don't know if I have officially introduced my OC... Meet Fire Star!

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  • 3 weeks
    So, I'm bored

    I am working on a couple of stories, but I have been doing a bit of drawing recently. I've been enjoying my drawing tablet!

    A drawing I did recently:

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    I figured out how to share pictures!

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  • 5 weeks

    *carefully taps hooves together*

    Just so everypony knows, I typically keep view mature turned off..

    I have nothing against mature stories or people who like them, it's just a matter of preference that I don't really read them or join NSFW groups.

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    About 'The Edge'

    I'm looking for a bit of constructive feedback on one of my stories, The Edge. The tone was a lot darker and the story was generally more descriptive than I usually write.

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I figured out how to share pictures! · 9:14pm June 26th

I have dabbled in drawing ponies for a while (I drew my avatar and some of my cover art), and now I have figured out how to share pictures I'll probably share a few in my blog every now and then.

I recently got a drawing tablet which has helped encourage me to draw more often. It also means I can color some of my pencil drawings if I feel like it! A drawing I recently did on my drawing tablet:

Edit: The pictures keep breaking which is really annoying :facehoof: If anyone really wants to see these pictures and the pictures are broken, PM me and I'll fix them as soon as I can

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