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what he should of said to Ellie · 2:54am June 26th

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That fits Joel to a tee. He probably wouldn't sound so smart, but I can see Joel saying this.

That is so perfect.

Diokno44 #3 · June 26th · · 1 ·

True if there was a vaccine god knows “ok imma kill u for it and imma prisnor u to make me more for my people only fuck other”

9:18 PM

Is how some would do it


KnightBlade, WeebLord SCPToday at 9:18 PM


9:19 PM

What most post-apoc movies fail to note is that, just cause a vaccine exists, doesn't mean it would work a hundred percent, nor would some people just be like "Yay we can get back to the things used to be." especially if they were born the plague

given their actions, yeah, no they'd screw everyone, and basicly essentrally perform slavery.

Grahf #5 · June 26th · · ·

also scientist now with modern equipment haven't been able to make a vaccine for fungus "which the Cordyceps are" what they would need is a new type of anti fungal medicine which it much easier to make and would not require killing the only person on the planet supposedly immune. They would at best need a blood sample or a brain biopsy both are non fatal.

this jsut came out a couple days ago

I hate this take because it's a desperate attempt to justify his actions after the fact. The reality is this was the one chance to make a cure and it doesn't matter if they would have succeeded or not because that's irrelevant to Joel's choice.

Joel never believed that the cure would fail, he did what he did because he couldn't stand to lose another daughter. Trying to take away the ambiguity of that choice is nothing short of trying to ruin the ending of the first game by turning it into a simple black and white decision.

why did you get downvoted?

While Joel might have made the right choice, it was not for the right reasons.
He basically went 'fuck this entire world and humanity. I am out for myself only' making him no better than any other raider morally wise.

Fair, though it wouldn't work. You can find a research note in game noting Ellie wasn't the first they tested. If they kept her alive, perhaps took blood samples, or studies why she's immune, maybe they could have found a cure

They've tested other infected subjects to try and create a vaccine but Elly is the only person to actually show true immunity. They did do tests, that's how they determined the source of her immunity was the Cordyceps growing on her brain.

True, still, it would be a risky gamble, that may not work out. Also the fact that things wouldn't go back to as it had been prior to the infection, plus, as the game shows, the Fireflies aren't exactly saints. Marlene and Joel both did things, for perhaps, some reason that may seem selfish to one another, but may be the right one.

All true but they'd still be better off with the existence of a cure than without one.

True, though, if it doesn't go through, well, they're fucked. I like how both Marlene and Joel can be portrayed as right or wrong. On one hand, the head surgeon DID attack Joel first, on the other, yes Joel was trying to stop the surgery, which, IRRC, neither he nor Ellie consented to. 2 could have been better

Didn't need Joel's consent, he wasn't her guardian Marlene was and they didn't need Ellie's consent because she made it clear that she wanted to use her Immunity to help people above all else which Joel also knew when he chose to save her.

True, they did still knock his ass out though for no reason. I do like how both Marlene and Joel have depth

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