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    Hello, folks!

    Do you like RariTwi? Do you like fairytales? Do you like ghosts? Do you like...

    Ghost RariTwi?

    Well, do I have news for you! We have been hard at work for these past months working on the NEW and IMPROVED version of the Fimfiction Classic RariTwi Ghostbusters also known as The Enchanted Library.

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    I hope y'all like Outer Wilds

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    *cries in Solanum*

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    Enchanted Library is officially temporarily down

    As I said earlier this month, my editor has finished going through TEL which means that I've now unpublished it and will spend the next four days editing my old writing. It should be back up soon and it will be nice and new and amazing

    For those who want to keep reading or need it for any reason, BEHOLD THE FIMFETCH LINK

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The Enchanted Library Book Printing Poll - Ministry of Image Edition · 11:10pm June 25th



The awesome folk at the Ministry of Image are interested in doing their own super cool version of a physical edition of TEL (if you remember, there’s a PFP version coming at some point in the future).

From their poll:

The Enchanted Library, two books, 20 black-and-white/colour pictures or without pictures (50$ + 40$ delivery) (mono note:I am assuming this will be entirely new artwork? will confirm asap) you can add two more other books and the delivery price will not change).

If you’re interested, go HERE and vote in their poll! Please only vote if you’re genuinely interested in potentially getting this, as it’s a print run and we want to get the actual numbers as accurate as we can!

Here are some examples of their books:


- mono

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Comments ( 12 )

The Ministry of Image is great! I've gotten books from them with full-color pictures for $25 (shipping aside).

Ooh, MoI stuff, very nice. I've made my vote.

this is most joyous news!!!

Gosh you sure go through doors don't you :ajsmug:

I'm hoping to order some from them soon.
I'm holding to get the Deluxe (?) Edition of Fallout: Equestria (Kkat's original one, that is, but it's gonna take me a bit to come up with $150.00, and shipping (if any applies, that is).

Staring at the MoI print of Long Road to Friendship on my shelf right now. It really is a beautiful book, and I would absolutely be down for getting a copy of the MoI print and the PFP print of TEL.

What's PFP?

PonyFeather Publishing, another book printing guy, made by RBDash47

One full shelf of my little bedroom bookcase is wholly dedicated to prints purchased from them.These folks are great and easy to work with if there's an issue with shipping or books damaged while in transit. Definitely getting one if this goes to print to add to the collection.

I bought their hardcover of "Long Road to Friendship" at Galacon last year and I'm very satisfied with the quality. If they publish TEL, I'm definitely ordering a copy as soon as I can.

Bought four of their books at Galacon last year, they are exceptional quality.
If they do TEL (I'm buying the PFP version regardless), I guess I'll end up with two sets of TEL after all. I only buy MoI books at conventions though.

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