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A Brief Update · 4:32pm Jun 24th, 2020


just a few words to everybody, not to make it look like I have yet again disappeared without much trace. My progress in further writing has been stumped a little bit by my office opening after the worse part of the pandemic. With considerable restrictions, naturally, since we are still battling the virus over here. However, considering the influx of work, I found myself focusing on it a great deal lately, which, naturally, made writing a bit more difficult and time-limited.

On the other hand, what I'm also trying to do is not feeling guilty about that. Not in the "screw everybody, I don't [enter expletive here] care!", but rather a "it's okay, take the time necessary" kind of way. My work can get mentally exhausting, I admit. Avoiding further stress is extremely important to me, in order not to become utterly disconnected from anything and everything, as it happened in my life before. It's a process, yes, but one that I hope will yield far better results in the future.

So, for the moment, I simply ask for a bit more patience, as I reorganize myself, whilst also thanking sincerely for all the kind words I've already received.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay tuned.


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Comments ( 10 )

Hey no need to feel guilty for a small delay, Gulheru! Your job is very important and also energy demanding, and nobody wants you to suffer from burnout only to finish a story. So take all the time you need to finish the chapter, I know it’ll be great :rainbowdetermined2:

Hey man, mental health is important, and we're all glad you're making sure to take care of yourself.


That's kind of my idea too. Hence why I prefer to accept that I need a moment to finish it, rather than stress about it and block myself further.

Small steps.


Yeah, I believe that to be a good choice. A lot has happened, is happening and will happen, more than likely. One needs strength at every step of the way.

Hope your staying safe


As safe as one can be, thanks. :twilightsmile:

It's fine dude, take your time the story can always be updated later, as life is always first priority hope your doing well


I'm doing progressively better and I want to keep it that way, yes. :twilightsmile:

No reason to be guilty for the delay, the pandemic has got everyone in a mess. Take your time and well wishes on life becoming less hectic for you in the future.


Exactly what I am fighting. I'm not in a bad shape, but I could be in better. And the best is what I want my work to be, so... yeah, I just need time. :twilightblush:

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