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Help! My Heart is Full of Pony! - A Canterlot Wedding · 3:40pm June 24th

The moral of A Canterlot Wedding is that if you suspect that your sibling's fiancée is evil, try as hard as you can to break up the wedding. Sure, you'll get a lot of backlash from your family, but everything will work out in the end.


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Furthermore, if something you haven't interacted with for a long time isn't as good as you remember, the fault is clearly with the other party. Nostalgia goggles are a myth spread by the lizard people as they harvest energy from earlier in the timeline. Wake up, sheeple! :pinkiecrazy:

If you leave your enemies alive, they might climb out of the hole you put them in and ruin your day, which currently, had been perfect.

Reese #3 · June 25th · · ·

If you're a shapeshifting magic bug-horse taking the place of a princess to marry a stallion, remember that, even if you're apparently bad at acting, it's easier to fool everyone in the palace than the stallion's sister, who you haven't seen in years and who doesn't even live in the same city anymore.

(More seriously, I guess it could be that Chrysalis was there for long enough and had good enough acting at the start (that she later paid less attention to) that people didn't notice the slow change... but that raises some questions, as I believe some stories have explored, about exactly how much the marriage was even Cadence's idea. Particularly given how little communication about the relationship Twilight had apparently gotten.)

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