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3 years. · 11:59am Jun 24th, 2020

Its... been a while huh?

Life hit me. Hard. Harder than I ever anticipated. Enough that... I feel out of the community, out of reading, and even wanting to live for a while.

I've completed rehab, and I currently have a clean bill of health, physically. Mentally, I've found I have a few major issues that have been diagnosed properly, and feel have explained alot of my hardships through these last years.

I have moved twice and I am getting married in the near future hopefully. I've been playing Pathfinder, World of Darkness and a few other table tops, and I've even DM'd a few games myself.

My friend group and significant other is amazing and has been nothing but supportive, pulling me out of the isolation I had built around myself. I've learned to cope with my Depression and ADHD without uh.. "Substance based assistance".. and I've learned to appreciate life again.

I successfully have a job that I really like, and I'm able to support myself, free of the toxic family ties I used to have.

I'm gonna be rewatching the show, since I fell off about season 4 or 5. I have a few questions for the few of you who followed me a long time ago, but.. I need to know.

With my new life experience, and a much healthier mindset, should I actually take the time and Rewrite the story?

Comments ( 9 )

Its a good question, I like the story. But if you want to rewrite, rewrite.

P.D. congratulations for the good choices in your life, and best wishes.

Do what you feel is best! I Am glad to hear you are doing well and that things have improved for you! I feel you would probably enjoy a rewatch though of the old episodes, and getting to see the new (to you) ones too! Did you get to see the MLP Movie? I ask as it is canon to the series :twilightsmile:

I saw the original one, Equestria Girls i think, years ago, but if there are more, I will have to watch them.

No, I mean The My Little Pony the Movie, not the Equestria girls stuff hehe, though they are canon too

Congratulations and welcome back! As to your question, I feel it should be up to you if you rewrite it. Either way, I know it will be fantastic!

It's your choice whether or not you want to rewrite, but I'll still read it either way.

Really glad to have you back

Congratulations, you succeeded were many have failed before. I am glad you are feeling better and have gotten your life squared away and are happy now. :yay:

As for the rewrite, I would like to see the story continued in a rewrite. :twilightsmile:

welcome back, and congratulations on your success!! glad to hear ur doing so much better. if you think it needs a rewrite, go ahead. i kept up with sharing the night..i can handle a rewrite. (I'm sure most your people here are willing to read a rewrite too)

Good to have you back

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